Monday, December 29, 2008

Center for Peace Advocacy - The Man in Mark Jimenez

I took a look at what and who's getting in the center for peace advocacy and found out that Mark Jimenez is in the list of profiles they have in their backyard. Center for P.E.A.C.E. advocacy titled Mark Jimenez, the former congressman here in the Philippines as a Businessman, Congressman and Philanthropist.

I am not surprised at this tribute at all because apart from all the bad publicity that Mark Jimenez suffered from the media, what we don't know is that he is a businessman by blood and a philanthropist at heart. He is in fact the only man (not a politician) here in the Philippines to have made such very big contributions to set up the biggest mass baptism in provinces and the money that was spent for that event all came from his personal savings when he is still in the business sector doing full time in the IT supplies market in America.

Little did we know about this man but if we only take time to know more about Mark Jimenez, I'm sure we'll all find out something we never had the chance to know about him. He has helped so many people and is still helping a lot of them up to this day which were not and have never been part of what the media gave interest in publishing. The article I found back in Center of P.E.A.C.E. is a rare fact we cannot find elsewhere. I hope he lives longer to be able to help more people. I hope people who find this article will also find time to know more about this man, Mark Jimenez in some of the links I have searched and found in the internet.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

4 Days to Finish the Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Race

There is only 4 days left and the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest will soon end in one of the closest SEO contests ever in the Philippines by local SEOs. The grandest and most interesting race will soon end and no one seems to be moving except an entry by the world champ Benj Arriola which just the other day fell significantly but was able to recover from the verge of extinction.

I hope our entry will be on top when the last day finishes its final hour just like what I did in the Captivating Capiz SEO contest where my entry was on the 4th place just as I wanted. This is the most strategic ranking ever and I bet you all and other participants that we will climb the top spot at all costs unlike in the previous contest where I ended up 2nd place.

This time we want to make sure that there can only be one and that one should be us, me and my partner, Jeff. We want to prove something to ourselves more than the other contestants and we want to prove a technique that will take us to glory at the end of the day of the race. Promotional items corporate gifts srednarb is such a very long keyword and that made it harder for us to see through the top spot. All the participants especially those who are on the top 5 spots were all in hurry to topple one another and our team believes that we have a very big chance at gaining leverage over the others. Let the final move to the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb race begin!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Tech Wide Screen Videos by YouTube

Yes, finally, YouTube has decided to change their videos to HD or high definition which is now available in wide screen capture. I really liked what YouTube did today and I was surprised at how they changed all their videos and now made them all available in wide screen for viewers who are using HD monitors in their PCs. Yahoo because I am one of those who are not using HD monitor for my PC. See video below

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Promotional Items

It is the holiday seasons now starting December and as this month passes, the different businesses are all in a hurry to make their own business promotional items to give away to customers and business partners with corporate items. This is the perfect time for most but since this is also a race on who comes first in the hands of prospect marketing expansion targets, you might as well consider being the first in the race. Be the first one to give away a gift to your business partners as regular customers.

On the other hand, for other businesses, this is also the time to be able to take charge and run the gift giving in the opening of the year where there are only a few who manage to do marketing. This is the most perfect time for some while for others they want to be in the limelight while the others are also busy with gift giving in holidays. the point here is if you are to give away promotional items this holiday season and you will go along with the trend, your promotional item might just be one of those who were left around the corner in the living room and not take in the attention that you are looking for to promote in a maximum effort all that your business has to offer.

It really is all up to you to either go with the flow or go against it and let the your business face the a New Year, giving your promotional items where attention of target market is high due to lesser distribution of the said marketing items. You decide and we give you the tips. Visit us at Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb for more information.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool Wedding Gift This November

If November is the month that you chose to finally give a ring to your loved one, then this is the tip for you. November is not a common month to choose for lovers to get wed but since this is a good month to be able to show your true love asking her to marry you, it would be best to know first the greatest gift that you can give your girl. Well, at least this is the usual trend, where the man will be the first one to think about giving a gift to his love.

We all know that November is one of the best months of the year where the air is cool and the environment is really a little bit slow phase and day seem to pass as fast as you can cook an egg in a hot pan with cooking oil in it. What then would be a great gift for her if you are to wed in November? Since it is nearly or almost less than a month before Christmas, then I would like to suggest that the best gift for me to give your love would be something she can use all the time. Wouldn't it be a good idea to go and buy her a robe? Yes, some robe that would make her feel even lustful and romantic when she wears it.

A robe would be great even when the honeymoon is on somewhere cold. I'm pretty sure this is a good idea to start thinking of giving her as a gift for your wedding and I'm also sure that you won't be disappointed even after the wedding itself because if you go to a romantic place for honeymoon, it would always be a good idea to bring a robe with you if you were a girl. Now go ahead and get the sexiest robe of the year and buy it for her now.

Buy Nintendo DS as a Gift Item from Comparison Sites

Although this is not merely for corporate gifts and promotional items, Nintendo DS games are probably one of the coolest electronic gadgets and gaming console of today's race for the gaming technology. Kids play them, kids love them and therefore it would be a cool move to give them away especially this holiday season to kids. With this on hand for those who are looking to buy Nintendo DS or the other cool gadget called as the Nintendo Wii gaming kit, wouldn't it be best if you can get them in your own choice of price and supplier? Of course, yes, so read along.

We always love to make our own canvass all the time and with the availability of the internet, buying gadgets and cool gaming kits will always be an advantage. It does not only give us the convenience of shopping for prices and varieties to buy in the comfort of our homes but it also enable us to choose based on the available prices, types and models without even having to go out and personally go to the store just to make a canvass of any item. The internet has it all and if you are looking to buy a gaming console like the Mario Kart DS which is a family favorite as a gift this Christmas or New Year, it would be a good way to start off with a comparison site

So the next weekend you are to gather in the living room with a few slices of pizza on the table while you play Nintendo DS game console with the family, you can now proudly say, let's go and play.
where prices are an array of choosing variety so can easily arrive at the cheapest amazing price that you want and can afford.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Great Srednarb Experiment

This is actually just a short post dedicated to the promotional items corporate gifts srenarb entry that me and my friend have for a SEO contest. It might just be a small move for some but to us, this is probably one of the greatest experiments that I have been in to and I wanted to see if there is something in this one. I will be pointing out just one link to the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb entry that we have for a SEO contest.

In relation to this, I will find out in the morning if something else will happen to the entry that we have or in short, if we will gain the rankings that we used to have back then during the start of the contest. If this will help our site get back on track, it means that whatever we did tonight was a breakthrough for us in learning a little bit of onpage optimization as well as onpage problem troubleshooting.

We've been struggling these past few weeks to gain back the glory but it seems that we cannot make any sign that we are doing anything good for our site up to this very minute that I am writing this blog post. Although we already did something to the site tonight, I want to make sure that the search engines will see them as fast as they can so to help that happen, I made this short promotional items corporate gifts srednarb blog post. Good luck to us tomorrow.

Friday, October 24, 2008

2 Days and It's Going to be Over

2 days left and the captivating Capiz SEO contest will finally be over. Movements were no longer that fragile today it seems and I have done so much on my entry as this will be the last few effort to kick up the blog that I have ranking within the top ten spot. There will more movement tonight from what I can see but I don't think there is enough time for others who are looking to get what they needed.

The captivating Capiz contest also proved that there is no need to build so much backlinks at all to an entry because if you have diversity and just enought number plus a few good links from dofollow social bookmarkings and dofollow blogs, you can get there where you want to be. The only questionable part here in this contest just like any other contests is on how you can make your links look strong for Google to retain you on the sweet spot of the search results. Good luck to all other participants.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Short Capiz Post

So this is just a short Capiz post and I would like to feature here some of the blogs that I have links with so that it will be here soon. I want to do something else but it seems that there is nothing more to do but do what is there left for me.

If you are looking for Capiz shells and ended up with something like a captivating Capiz lamp shade, then you should not really doubt that the Capiz beaches are really worth of the skimboarding capital to be noticed just like any other intentions of those who joined in the Capiz beaches for a more fruitful afternoon in the sun near the shores.

I'll soon be back with more of the Capiz intrigues and content making here at Dsub 800.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Getting Harder to Rank for Capiz Keyword

Yes, it is now getting a little bit harder to rank for the keyword on captivating Capiz. The reason could be because there are already too many indexed sites. This is including all of the social bookmarkings out there who have been there to fill up some of the positions in the top of the results. There were are few attempts to take the top positions but today it's really been a stiff Capiz keyword competition.

I hope tomorrow there will be changes to favor the entries that I have for the contest. I have suffered copying of my content but I was able to survive that copyright infringement by a student. As soon as the content was removed, I regained my rankings in the captivating Capiz keyword ranking contest and I am glad that I found a way to remedy the penalty by Google.

What I am after tomorrow is the top spot on the contest so I bet there will be more attempts but as soon as I take in the top position in the contest keyword, I bet you all of you will have a hard time taking that place from me and my Capiz blog so you better do it quick with your promotion of your respective blogs because I will be there soon. My Capiz links are all stable to I think it will be harder for you guys out there to topple my position when I get there.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Srednarb Corporate Gifts Review

This is just a srednarb review for all the interesting information about the Philippines' promotional item corporate gift srednarb race to the top of the three main search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN). WE have an entry to this contest and this post is supposed to pass a link going to that entry.

Even if this is really a short review for the Costomized Corporate Gifts ideas and concepts provider, there is no reason why this post will not reach its target position soon because we are looking in to all possibilities of getting what we need to get with regards to all the possible keywords and keyphrases to link to the entry we have.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb

You must really be thinking that this is just another of those tricks out there bound for nothing but spam because of the weird word in the latter part of the title which is "srednarb". It is actually just the reverse read of branders, a popular promotional items corporate gifts provider in the web today.

The keyphrase srednarb is actually not just the reverse read of branders but it is also part of a new SEO contest launched for Filipinos using a static site to be able to make an entry for the said contest dubbed as "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO contest. The pot money to be won overall is Php 275,000.00 but of course it was divided into multiple prizes to be able to make the contest even more interesting to join and learn.

I personally believe that since this is the first time that a static site is required to be used in a SEO contest, it will also help make the said contest an interesting and a new learning experience for SEOs here in the Philippines. There really is a very big different between the previous SEO contests from this one and I bet that this is going to be something very interesting as well as I believe that it will teach SEOs to optimize well for a static site.

Let's just see who's going to draw first blood among the new static site that will be released anytime soon in the results. So far, it is only my blogs that can be found in the first 10 results in Google and I haven't even checked in MSN and Yahoo. Let the Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb contest begin!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Looking for Cebu SEO Forum

I've been trying so very hard to find a Cebu SEO forum but it seem that all my attempts were futile because there is no lead at all for me to find what I am looking for. Although it has been days since I opened my PC and started to go look for a legitimate Cebu SEO forum, I was unlucky for days now.

There is this one SEO forum in the Philippines thought that is called as the SEOPH forum and it is not the one I am looking for. I want a legit Cebu SEO forum and if there is someone out there who can refer me to at least a lead, I'd gladly take that and thank the person. There is also this one forum in the Visyan region called as the Davao forum but it is not what I am looking for once again.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cebu SEO Contest Review

This is just a short review regarding the Cebu SEO contest and I hope there is something here more than just some effect. I am looking forward to learn more about how the search engines behave and how I can be able to harness all there is behind the ways of the search engines especially Google.

I am looking to learn more about linking strategies and how to best do link building using only your very own resources and social media sites. Also how social media especially bookmarking will affect the keywords of a blog particularly.
Cebu SEO contest is truly the best venue like any other contests because there is only a small number of participants which is enough for a small SEO experiment.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cebu SEO Contest

There is an ongoing SEO contest called as the Cebu SEO Contest and it is about to end this coming first week of September. I am joining this contest just to have a venue for some SEO and Link Building experiment for learning additional information.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cebu SEO Contest

This is about the Cebu SEO Contest, a local SEO contest launched in the Philippines and is open to all qualified and bonafide residents of either Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. This SEO contest has almost no rule existent in the guideline for winning the contest and has only a few requirements in order to join.

There is no specifics at all which means that even black hat technique is allowed. But since this is just a small SEO contest and only a few were able to join, I guess there really is no need to use one. All the participants want is to learn a few good experience on the contest and have them introduced to the SEO community. Most who joined the Cebu SEO Contest are bloggers and not really SEOs and this made the contest even more fun and challenging.

Some of the contestants thought for a while that SEO is just all about blogging and a few link building effort. Well, at least they have a short view of what it is going to be when they become SEOs themselves. Good luck to all those who want to be a truly qualified SEO in the Philippines by winning the Cebu SEO Contest.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Earning Tax - Free Salary and Working in Dubai

Where in the world do you think you can earn a salary that will not be deducted of any form of tax? the answer is Dubai. Yes, a work in Dubai yields tax-free salary and that is based on one of the labor laws in this part of the Emirates.

This could also be one of the reasons why British expats are pouring in this part of the Emirates. We also know that Dubai has one of the best structures in the world and numerous man-made wonders that you cannot see anywhere else like The Palm Jumeirah, a man-made city in the middle of the sea, the Versace Beach Hotel, home of the first ever refrigerated beach in the world and many more.

Proof that Dubai is very rich and surely can afford to give a tax-free salary to its workers. If you have what it takes to get a job and work in Dubai, would you not want to? This year, I promised myself that I will be looking for a job there to get this amenity in a tax-free salary while we are in the middle of the world economic crisis.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The "Nofollow" Theory Opinion

I've got an interesting opinion that might just get you reeling to make that comment here in my blog if you read this post. I'd like to put more emphasis today to one of the most interesting topics today regarding "nofollow" links as used in the Busby SEO Challenge contest. I know that I may not be the proper authority about this but if you would only allow me to discuss an opinion, it might help you a bit in understanding that "nofollow" links do really help in giving your site the authority that Google likes to put when they see the perfect links getting inbound your pages.

First, there are a lot of buzz roaming around that "nofollow" links are totally useless. I say no! Why? Simply because I believe that won't get in the list of links that a site has if it has no value at all. True, Google has put no value at all for these kinds of link especially when we are talking about Google slapping those who go for paid linking. Remember in the old days where in order to gain the interest of search engines you can actually do some buying of links and put it to a web page you want to gain search engine trust.

There is a concrete example at how Google treated nofollow links just right at the opening of this year's results in the PR of sites. Google Slap was implemented on sites that used or use TLA or link buying including those high PR link directories that were found to sell links. They all suffered because of link buying. This prompted Google to favor "nofollow" links to avoid bare selling of links from a high PR site as passively share link juice and page importance to other pages which it links to. To avoid this, Google used the nofollow link relation.

This is the same with the Busby SEO Challenge link building arena where many of the contestants and contenders would rely solely in getting links from blog comment in which in one of my previous experiment is still found to be a reliable source of power in terms of helping a page rank high in a very competitive keyword. A friend who is also in the Busby SEO Challenge arena is looking to get a few link love so I gave some of them the link love that their respective entries needed to help push their entries further up.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge Game Plan

There has to always be a game plan for us but today it is a little bit different when we are talking about the game plan by other SEO who are in the challenge. There are teams who are on top because they are a team of 30 or so but with us here in the Philippines, it's a little bit different.

Anyway, as what the previous world SEOcontest 2008 taught, an SEO is better when alone compared to a team. Imagine it took a whole set of team by numbers to beat and topple a great single person in Benj Arriola - SEO Challenge Champion. Well, that is some kind of an achievement. What a company needs to know is who is the sole SEO handling the job and not the team as a whole.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Link Structure Ideas for Link Building

I found out lately about the old link structure idea while searching for some good link building facts. It is a very good information and even if most of the posts I found were dated back from 2005, I still believe that they can be very useful for all link builders. I decided to make a few more research but since I also found it very interesting, I posted a quick track about it.

I hope to find more about link structure and to be able to see whether there is more to links, link building and link structure than just the ordinary links that we see inside the pages that we read or see. I will be posting anything good here since this is a great idea and I bet it will help all link builders to understand about it. This can also be used in all link building efforts and hopefully, I can include a specific use of it in my manual directory submission services.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Have a New Busby SEO Challenge Blog

Today I was able to retrieve an old blog who's domain is under my name. I was really lucky to have been allowed by Wordpress to access that blog again and it must be having a hard time getting a post indexed. I haven't posted in that blog for a year now and I ma planning to have it take part in the Busby SEO Challenge contest.

I was surprised that after a half day of posting only one, it is still not indexed but upon checking on the post if it is seen by Google, indeed, it can be found in the results. Time is running out and I cannot find a strong blog that I can use to rank as fast as it can with just a post. Busby SEO Challenge contest is almost half its way finished so I have to really work on it hard. I hope this one post will make a difference because if this does not, I don't know what else there is to do.

Friday, July 04, 2008

How Manual Directory Submission Works

In the early days of the link building process and based on my own early works for so many clients in doing manual directory submission, there is totally no limit whatsoever on the number of submissions that a link builder can make for a client's website. There is no rule of thumb when we are talking about the limits of the the approvals that a link builder can get from a days work combined to all other link building efforts such as blog comments and forum postings.

Today, link building using link directory submission seems to have a dramatic change. Google seems or in some cases have implemented penalties for those who have been able to get as much links as they can just like in the older days. This is very different from what I have known being a little over 4 years in the link building arena. It's also a good chance for me not using automated submissions since and not going for reciprocal links for my clients since.

The Google penalty indeed changed the nature of a link builder's work and it has favored those who use and implement good link building habit like me. I never get in to automated submissions and never got in to reciprocal linking and I have benefited from that process since and my clients got no complaint except for some occasional algorithmic changes to the organic results which is a natural phenomenon.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Download the Amazing Firefox 3

A few weeks now, Firefox 3 has been made available all over the world and the webmasters who saw its power can't seem to help but be amazed at how the red fox which is actually a red panda came to the newest update of its browser.

I remember way back when the first Firefox was released and my brother told me to use it. It took me some time to be convinced that it is indeed the number 1 browser but I am well concerned about the security that it offers compared to the IE that I used to have and now here I am, one of the best browser's fan using it over the years. It came to me that this is indeed one of the best happenings in history.

Here is a good place to download Firefox 3 in all available languages. Just make a quick pick of the language that you would want it installed in your PC for easier understanding and manueverability.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

After the 4-Day Busby SEO Dilemma

After the 4-day Busby SEO Challenge Dilemma, I finally got the chance to make a few posts for the entries that our team have and this is something that we've been looking for. I haven't been able to do anything until today because our place got hit by a typhoon and there seems nothing we can do to help more on our team's entry because we don't have internet connection for 4 days.

I do not want to work on it until the restoration of the power supply from the local distributor do our official entries dropped really bad from the Busby SEO Challenge keyword that the contest is aimed at. This is really bad and we have to work hard on this one tonight to help push a little bit more our chances in taking the first page once again. There is no rush but we would like to be there when the first month ends. We want to earn a stable and steady position before everything else turns really messy so we are in a kind of a hurry like no one else is among the participants.

I've been waiting for the support from all my other pages out there but it seems the timing is a little bit off so I have to work it out a little bit more today to make up for the lost time I had. There is a team who's been claiming the top spots and starting to gain the search engine trust in terms of the keyword Busby SEO Challenge but we are still hoping for a few more strength that could come from somewhere in my list of sites. Hopefully, this will speed up the indexing of those links and get it done faster. go go go!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking a Step Forward in Link Building

Today I am taking a big step forward to try and produce the first ever merging of the inner pages of an entry to the Busby SEO Challenge by taking a few proven steps from a previous experiment. Here I am trying to see if the same rules apply. I did not compute things our but I am optimistic that the results will come in a week or two and see where this leads the entry.

This post to the Busby SEO challenge entry experiment might be the only witness to the first link hub ever produced in a world SEO contest and I am trying this because I wanted to prove if it will work in an over clogged keyword results because of all the busy Busby SEO challenge entries. I am taking this step to see if I can prove my theories right about it. This is the perfect venue to do just that and the other participants to the Busby SEO Challenge will just see how this will work and maybe if it really does work in this stiff keyword competition environment, I will be the first ever to optimize intentionally and produce the first link hub ever in the history of a contest where the competition is really very stiff.

Busby SEO Challenge SEO worldcup is a venue I will never forget if this happens. I will always remember how i can make the competitors wonder how I did it. The team is hoping that this works because if it does, it will be the best achievement for me and the team for all the years that has passed in patiently experimenting and learning how to do best with onpage and offpage optimization. I will try to meet my entries in the same page and land on an indented listing. Busby SEO Challenge, here we go..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Creating a Busby SEO Challenge Log

Today I tried to create a Web Design Toys Log using Google pages and I like the format that I chose to create the page. It has been very interesting for me to learn that a few things can be done to get things going and I want to see the next day if this will give a little jerk to the entry that we originally have for the SEO Worldcup challenge.

I can see so much with this page that I created and I am sure that many SEOs out there can learn a lot from this one that I made. It can also be that some of them do not yet know the power of this page when it comes to impressing the search engines, especially the big "G". I bet you guys out there that in a few days, you will all see how this will end up in the first page. I will try to put more links to it so this can be a very fast indexing and to help it arrive at it's original target which is the top of the page in the SERPs.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Announcing Our Entry

Today I made few efforts to introduce formally our team entry to the Busby SEO Challenge Worldcup and we intend to push further up. to do it I made a single Busby SEO Challenge press release and submitted to 2 sites. I also made an entry announcement using a blog for SEO in Digg by a friend and also had it bookmarked to help in pushing the entry.

I hope when I wake up by the next morning that the entries will be back on track because I literally did only a few maintenance in the past few days hoping that there will be no aggressive efforts from other competitors in the SEO challenge.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yahoo Mail Catches it's Own in the Spam Folder

It's funny how today I took notice of a legit Yahoo Mail to be caught in the spam folder that I have in the sidebar of the platform. This is the first time that I noticed this although I believe that this is not the first time. See my screenshot below. You can see the violet colored "Y" logo on the authentic mail that came from Yahoo. Click the Image to see enlarged detail.

This post interests me because earlier today, I had another post glamorizing the new Yahoo Spam Guard as a functional tab in my mail. This also sounds funny but although I know that there have been so many times that this happened, I only took notice of it today while my adrenalin is still up upon finding a few days back that the Spam Guard was fully functional and I will no longer have a hard time sorting out my mail on who's or what goes to the spam folder and get deleted and who's or what doesn't.

Another odd thing today to happen in my e-mail today is finding many of those SEO (somehow) related mails on the trackbacks to an entry in the Busby SEO Challenge Worldcup.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge Arena

The "Busby SEO Challenge" is what many SEOs are eyeing to take challenge in to. Busby is part responsible for this SEO challenge and it is second to one of the largest launched this year but firs to only allow white hat techniques.

I hope the "Busby SEO Challenge" will bring out who really is the best in white hat technique SEO because it is what everybody is looking into. The winner here will surely produce the best SEO there is in white hat techniques.

"Busby SEO Challenge"

So here goes for the "Busby SEO Challenge" race and it is pretty obvious that we are on to something here. The keyword with Busby is not it but instead it's what SEOs can find in this challenge. so we would like to use everything there is that we have to get to the top and so far, there are about 3 of us for now but we will soon increase our numbers as we take the pushovers for this Busby SEO Challenge.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Paid Surveys Online Links

If you haven't tried anything else about paid surveys online, you have to at least try this one out for size and see if this works. There are a few buzz about the service and make money by freelancing earning schemes. This is something different as a work from home scheme and I haven't personally tried it myself so I would suggest that you try and see first. Below are just a few links that I have archived for the Paid Surveys Online website.

Paid Surveys Links:

I hope to post more links here as I am still in the process of taking a peek at some other listings I have for the submission I am making.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Choosing the Best and Cheap or Free Web Hosting

It is really more of an experience about web hosting today. While looking for some of the best web hosting companies out there, I found out that most of them are also advertising with other affiliate sites that offers earning by advertising for publishers. This is something nice but I think there must be something there for the catch. There seems to be a pitch because while searching for this affiliate site offering web hosting service, I found out that most of the big web hosting companies are there.

Now I need not to mention all of them but what I can say is that the big ones are all there to advertise for publishers to earn money from. What am I pointing to? Well, it really is up to you. If in case you are someone who is looking not for free web hosting but instead of something else more important, that is paid but cheap web hosting, then you might be one of those that this post is looking for. Can you imagine that there are some of those big web hosting companies that advertise there paying as much as $140.00 for a business web hosting service....

Think about it, this 140.00 is a per sale basis and this must be one of the highest earning ads in there that I have seen aside from mortgages and loans. Well, come to think of it, if the business who is going to register for web hosting service under a business category, then there must be at least $140.00 less in tha payment of the plan...Think, think, think.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My PC Lost it's Speed Because My Memory Needs Upgrade

GB Memory Upgrade

I took my PC today to the service center where I bought the same unit I have at home. I believed that this will take me less time to have it repaired because I need it by night which is my time of work at home. I was surprised today to find out that the service men told me I will need to upgrade my PC to a higher memory specs, possibly at least a 2gb memory upgrade because I only had a 1 gb memory in the memory slot and a spare one more slot open for such upgrade.

8GB Memory Upgrade

The repair man told me that it needs something fresh to be able to gain back the speed and so I yielded to my PC's pledge. While looking at the brochure, I saw that there are other available gigantic upgrades out there that the office might be interested in acquiring for the PC we have. It was the 8gb memory upgrades that we probably need so I asked the authorized information personnel about it and he said yes upon telling him of the PC specifications at the office.

4GB Memory Upgrade

I also told him that my son who bought his PC a few months ago for his studies will probably need to give more power to his PC. The authorized information personnel told me to buy the 4GB Memory Upgrade as it would suffice the household needs of my son's PC. I'm content with what he suggested because probably by next year we will be buying a new one to replace the old PC but while it is still working, we are going to have it power up to this upgrade so my son wouldn't have a hard time with the speed need of his PC.

What Really is the Point of Twitter

Twitter has been one of the most popular social sites of today that is being visited literally by thousands each day. I'd like to ask this simple question, what's the point with using Twitter? Is there really anything good at it. so what if you do this and he does that? Would this be enough for anyone to follow leads to.

Personally, I don't see anything else good in that but the truth is, people keep on coming and they keep on coming by bulk and use the service. Is there really nothing much for the internet savvy that there is nothing they can resist about Twitter at all? It's all up to you. Whether you get it or not, I bet you'll still follow me on Twitter just like what the other did even if I posted some nonsense there.

Wholesale T-Shirt Printing Business

Wholesale T-Shirt Printing can be a messy jobs if it isn't the right people that will do it. On the other hand, t-shirt printing can also be a great way to advertise for a cheap cost for small business. Some small business owners regularly distribute printed t-shirts to their employees or sometimes to regular business customers as a form of rewarding their loyalty to their business. This is what small business sometimes rely on for their advertising while giving way to awarding their customers so it serves as a double purpose.

In the retail industry however, Buying Printed Tshirts Wholesale priced is one of the little but rewarding small businesses that I have seen grow. Profits may rise high when you have the right market to distribute your goods, in this case, printed t-shirts. It gives you the advantage for having everything else colorful and attractive when these t-shirts are printed and even if there are only a few services being offered today for printing t-shirts it can be rewarding too if you hire the right people with the right job.

This leads me to give an important tip whenever you need t-shirt printing services. Knowing that there is a TShirt Printing Wholesale to Public also means cheaper goods or finished products that are made available. You can literally get your needs done in no time at all at little cost with respect to T-shirt printing . For such needs, you can visit for specifics and particulars.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Science Man - "Arlo Gilbert"

Where is the science man, "Arlo Gilbert"? Is he totally out of the same sane mortality? Did he really discover something that will lead to his own death? I hope not because this is something that I have seen before.

He is the man, the only man of science who knows how to do things right but needs someone who will help him in his deepest despairs.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wazzup Arlo Gilbert the Tae of Zao

The Arlo Gilbert Disc Jockey that we are talking about and I just figured out that if I have a tae and tae kayo lahat sa PR 3 na blog na ito, malalaman nyo na tae lang pala ang magbibigay buhay sa isang entry ni Arlo Gilbert Disc Jockey.

What do you really know about the tae of zao in the land of Arlo Gilbert DJ? What else is there for the tae of zao that has landed in the brink of the clueless clan of the kuklooooooooks clan led by DJ Arlo Gilbert. hahahahaha. This post will be removed because it is for a trial to the weirdest run by the tae of zao Arlo gilbert and this was supposed to be the #1 entry but it lost its grip of the rankings in the SERPs because the tae of zao in the Arlo Gilbert zen is a member of the useless, clueless and senseless clan of the kukloooooooks clan.

When the time comes for this one, in the run, the tae of zao will emerge as the victor that helped the DJ arlo Gilbert emerge as the winner of the tae run because my computer had a different effect on the it of the was. so after all, it was the it of the tae of zao in the Arlo Gilbert dsic jockey run that led the emergence of the was to the it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Upgrading PC Memory for the Right Purpose

Choices for your PC Upgrade

Upgrading the PC memory is always a good choice to make because of the growing technology that the internet requires. Knowing the best choices for memory upgrade is another issue especially if you do not know anything about hardware but if you have the knowledge, say, you need a PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM upgrade, then there are special deals that you can use for that purpose. Memory Deal has it all.

The 2 GB Memory Upgrade

PC memory specifications are very important and from the simple example upgrade that I have mentioned above, you can get basic information already. That information is about PC memory upgrade and what you need to know if you want to apply one to your PC. Another possibility is if you have a commonly used 1GB memory and you know that this is not enough for your PC requirements. One possible upgrade that you can incorporate in your need based on your new requirement is to get a 2gb memory upgrade. This helps especially if you are in to online gaming and imaging works. If in case that you might need something even higher than this specification, there are of course other options for you to do.

The Apple Memory & MAC RAM Upgrade

For special upgrade in your PC, for example, if you have a MAC at home or in the office and you need to upgrade your apple memory & MAC RAM (MAC RAM is popular in MAC PC industry and one of the commonly used so if there is a big chance that you might need some of this type of upgrade, then you have a place to go to at the They never fail to expect the need for upgrading your PC in the office or at home and you can visit them for more information anytime you need it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Arlo Gilbert Submarine

The Arlo Gilbert submarine is actually a yellow submarine and this has lasted for years under the sea. The secret to this is that the submarine is still in its prototype form when it got into the sea bed and stayed there for the first 5 years. When the crew surfaced from the Arlo Gilbert submarine, one of them, a couple already had a baby.

It is believed that this baby caused the yellow submarine of Arlo Gilbert to be there and remain there submerged with only a complete 10-year supply of oxygen. This is believed to have caused the yellow submarine to keep the people there alive.

Monday, May 05, 2008

SQL Services, Server Hosting and Performance Tuning

SQL Services and Hosting

There are also different SQL services offered by SQL server analysts professionals and one of the most popular of them all is the SQL server hosting or SQL hosting. This type of service as a major tips should be that which should be reliable and by reliable means that there is no down time 24/7 as much as possible. SQL hosting should also come with security and stability aside from performance which may be attributed to reliability.

Remote DBA Services - Remote DBA Services are a type of SQL service where your business can rely on in terms of database administration consulting and remote DBA Microsoft certified professionals called as DBA experts.

Remote DBA Experts - They are people behind the professional services related to remote DBA management. A major requirement however for these remote DBA experts is that they have to be either Microsoft Certified Database Administrators (MCDBAs) or Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professionals (MCITPs) or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS). Without these certifications, a doubt is in the air for rendering the kind of service although there are a few rare good ones without these certifiables.

SQL Server Performance and SQL Performance Tuning

SQL server performance
is very important to be always on its peak in terms of service because if not, you cannot expect otherwise to maximize your business profit. This can be had if you have the best SQL performance tuning tool to serve your needs when the time comes. This is very critical to your business success therefore should be treated with utmost importance. You can achieve this by using SQL performance server tool such as the SQL Ultimate Performance Monitor.

SQL server performance should also be handled by professionals in the business to ensure a perfect outcome on your SQL server tuning because this is a very sensitive matter on SQL tuning services.

Database Backup

Database backup is a very important consideration when we are talking about SQL server. The SQL server backup will become your reserve force just in case that something goes wrong anywhere it is not supposed to. This prompts every business to make a reserve of all the data that is stored in the server in the form of SQL backup so that in any case where something goes wrong, you won't have to worry about data loss. This can cost you your hard earned weeks profit and maybe even more if this happens and no one I believe would like it. So the turning point is to make sure that there is a back up everyday of all the data in your server as this can be used against server disasters which we all know are part of the possibilities.

SQL consultant

In matters hiring, be careful if you are to take an SQL consultant since you already know that data is at stake and I'm pretty sure that you don't want to risk loosing your precious data by hiring an underrated SQL consultant just in case the need arises.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Train in Sonography and Earn Big

First, what is sonography? A short definition of sonography is the science of obtaining medical results with the use of ultrasound devices that produce high frequency sound waves. If you are interested to take up sonography, you are just in the right track because training to become a sonography technician would only take so little of your time but will give you high income job in the medical field as a result of taking up this medical related course.

Aside from giving you high income at so little time needed to devote to finish a medical related career in sonography tech course, it is also easy to find people who can lead you to the right school that you need for your studies. If you fear that you will have a hard time tracking down schools that offer such course, you are wrong because you can actually find as many as you haven't even thought of with only one website to visit and that is,

They offer services of providing people with leads to some of the best and economical sonography schools out there who are willing to take you as part of their program to teach as many persevering individuals who want to take up not only sonography courses but also other medical related courses that you can think of.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Tubbataha Reef

Let us all stop and pause for a while and take our time by voting for the Tubbataha Reef as one of the best nature has to offer in the new 7 wonders of the world campaign. My post aims to help spread the information to all Filipinos about the campaign and we should all stand to this one. It aims to help not only the place but also the whole country in terms of tourism and income for the country so let us all stand to this and vote for the Tubbataha Reef.

There are also other entries for the quest from the Philippines and they are the Chocolate Hills and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Become a CNA Professional Now

CNA Training in a Prestigious School

What is a CNA? Simply put, cna is a certified nurse assistant and to become one you have to first undergo cna training from some reputable schools if possible. The reason for this is because you have to get the training done in as much as possible, the best cna school there is in your area so that higher paying jobs will come pouring in. Another advantage is just about the same as other courses that you can take which is if you finish any training in a prestigious school, chances are, you are going to get hired in company that not only pays higher than the usual but also because they will be the ones to come looking for you.

Working Abroad Gives Higher Payout

A friend of mine actually got a job in the U.S. just this year after finishing cna training and passed the nursing board exams. Just like her, if you are to finish studies from prestigious CNA schools or at least a high standard school, you can also get the same or even more better opportunity like her. Now as an additional information, nurses these days aren't only females, there are male counterparts as well so you can have a better chance in employment as a nurse even if you are a male. The advantage of this is for a harder work requirement or assignments that females are less likely to be interested in.

For your CNA Training School and CNA programs, you can visit for more details on the matter.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Professional Audio Video Equipments Links

Here's another website that I am working on and I am glad that I got so many links with this one although it has been really hard these days because of the changes that the owner have been doing to the title tag of the site. I have to admit that some of the directory owners are giving me a hard time to get links from them because of those changes that I am talking about. Here goes some of those links.

Home Discount Audio Video Equipment

home discount audio video equipment
professional av systems
professional av systems

home audio video
professional audio video equipment

Professional AV System
Professional AV System

Professional AV System

Audio Video Equipment
Discount Home Audio Video Equipment

Discount Home AV System
Audio Video Equipment

Discount Audio Video Equipment

Discount Home Audio Video Equipment

Audio Video Equipment

Professional AV System

Audio Video

Professional AV System

Professional AV Equipment

Home Audio Video

Professional Audio Video Equipment

Discount Audio Video Equipment

Discount Home AV System

Audio Video

Home Audio Video

Audio Video Equipment

Home AV System

Audio Video

Remote DBA Link Posts

Today, I again got links towards one of the sites that I am doing link building and I have to admit this time it's been a little bit harder to get these links because my eye is aching. This could be because of too much exposure to the PC everyday so I am taking little rest each time I feel the urge. The links that I am talking about are the links for the remote dba site that I have been building up links with. Here goes.

remote dba
remote dba
remote dba
remote dba services
remote dba services

remote dba
remote dba
remote dba services
remote dba services
remote dba services
remote dba
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remote dba services
remote dba
remote dba

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Remote DBA Services Links

I have always wondered how does one use remote dba services for an online business and this I guess is the answer to this question. Below are some of the links that I got for Remote DBA Services.

remote dba service

remote dba
services - SQL Solutions
remote dba services
sql solutions

remote dba

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jobs in Texas

Ever wondered why feature jobs in Texas? Well, here goes...Jobs in Texas as from what I read from an article the other day are really hot jobs these days. The place in U.S. seem to have lost professionals in its different industries to hire for their own companies there. A professional job in an insurance company even said that you can get a clear 36K for whatever job you get related to insurance. Ahhh. it's must have been that auto insurance underwriter job opportunity.

However did those guys in the auto insurance industry came up with such a high paying job to be in their list of employees, it doesn't matter anymore because what matters is that the job alone is not alone at all. There are other interesting and unique jobs being offered today in Texas. One good example is the coaching job where you can actually get so many types of jobs in Texas related to the coaching needs from teaching, career coaching, basketball team coaching, volleyball team coaching and many more sports coaching jobs. There is also the unique but a little bit high paying job in coaching K9's and other pets or dogs and you can earn big amounts when you get in to these kinds of jobs in Texas.

In the construction industry alone, for example, there are different other jobs that you can yourself into as long as you are qualified for the position, There is also the truck driving jobs in Texas which are one of the most in demand jobs today because of the sprouting large scale businesses that need truck and trailers to be handled by professional truck drivers.

Truly, the different jobs in Texas are plenty and if you only pay a closer look at these available jobs, you might just find what you are looking for.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Ramblings

I had so much fun watching the video of the latest Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus auditions in TV and so I tried to see a video in YouTube just to fill more of the fun and to spill all the beans to others who have not yet seen the video of the latest edition of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen reality tv show. Below are some of the ramblings that I want to share to others.

Ramblings and shots:

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Clips
The Del-icio-us Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Video Post
Stumbled Upon the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus
If you Reddit my Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus
How about a Furl of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Auditions?
See the 43 things that I included for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Reality TV Show

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Remote DBA Service

I found lately a lot of important things about server tools and how they can help a business grow and give an amazing service to customers and to the owners themselves. This is with the use of server tools like SQL solutions and Remote DBA services.

Please allow me to post all the links that I am doing for now to the site as I know that it will help me with the promotion of the said site when matters of remote dba is on the table. This is for people who would find it useful sometime in the business development years.

Remote DBA - at 43 Things

Remote DBA servic - at Furl

Remote DBA - at Digg

Remote DBA service - at Filipino Bloggers Bookmark

Remote DBA - at Zooped

Remote DBA services - at Clip Clip

Remote DBA - at Technorati

Remote DBA services - at Zimbio

Remote DBA - at Del-icio-ous

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Content Writing Service Package

Content writing is one of the best ways to gain advantage over your competition and this is the same reason why we make sure here at Dsub 800 that all is taken cared of including your content writing needs. We were able to make some important and interesting packages out for your grabs this edition of our post. We want to make sure that you get the right content in your webpage by having them optimized the way they should be and in the right terms for the search engines to immediately recognize that your content is a legitimate and well crafted one.

Content Writing Service Package #1 - $ 12.00/ 500 word Content

We are offering this special package that has an attached "1 free PR 3 blog review" for the website that you want to get us to write web content for you. This also has a "free directory submission of the same website to 100 PR 3 and PR 4 free directory" that we have in our list. By far, this could be the best content writing service package that you can get and we assure you that you cannot find such great savings and offer in the web today because we are the lone service that gives this original content writing services package today.

Get your orders now and see the type of professional service that we render to our clients.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Manual Directory Submission Service Package # 3

Package # 3 - 1500 d/site for $ 65.00 with 1 "Free" PR 3 Blog Review

So here's our manual directory submission package #3 that earned us a great advantage for many of our clients looking for a bigger exposure to the search directories that we have on our list. By the way, what we have here are plain free submission directories list that we patiently pooled out from our everyday hunting of free submission directories from forums and blogs and friends in the SEO community and other sources like Directory Critic and more.

TAKE SPECIAL NOTE THAT: All our directories have unique IPs and therefore will really be a great help for your campaign and exposure and in the long run, a journey to the top rankings of the niches and keywords that you are targeting.

SPECIAL NOTE: We offer no limit to number of keywords that you would like us to include on the list.

REMEMBER THAT: All we need is your URL, title, description, keywords, and a valid e-mail address with which we are to address the submission to for your confirmation.

For those who prefer not to give their e-mail, then please say so in an earlier manner because once the submission starts. there's no going back and all submissions done will be counted as is. Don't worry, we will be the one to confirm for your submission just in case that you do not want to be bothered by confirming all the submissions that we are going to do for you.

Dsub 800
- Your one stop shop for the best offers and professional service in manual directory submission service.

Manual Directory Submission Service Package # 2

Package #2 - 1000 d/site for $ 40.00 with 1 "Free" PR 3 Blog Review

Manual Directory Submission Service Package number 2 is actually a little bit cheaper than Package number 1 by $ 10.00. So all in all this package is one of the most interesting and most sought after in our manual directory submission service here at Dsub 800. As you can see, we started from a mere 800 free link directory list and it grew in time up to 2000 and more. This is because we are constantly updating our list.

Currently, we have been doing submission for different countries like Canada, Germany, Australia, U.S. and some from within the Philippines major offshoring companies in industries like telemarketing, call center and BPO. We also did manual directory submission jobs for a big microscope manufacturing company in China distributing from the Philippines.

The Blog Review as Part of the Package

The blog review as part of the manual directory submission service package is actually just a freebie that ads up spice to our list of packages to come. We will be doing more tweaks in our packages because this is what we are known for here at Dsub 800. If you choose not to avail of the freebie, please feel free to tell us first hand so that all will be well. This is just a part of the package because we believe and know that not all clients have websites that are already existing for months or even years. This plans to give a little boost to your websites just in case you decide to order for our services.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Manual Directory Submission Service Package # 1

Manual Directory Submission Service Gets Bloated

Since the opening of 2008 I have been receiving more than double the 2007 manual directory submission service jobs than I did last 2007. You can really find a lot of buzz about packages regarding manual directory submission packages in webmaster forums and sure there are a few legitimate ones as other have their prices gone up since the TLA issue and the penalties imposed by Google to people and webmasters who resort to sell and buy links these days. This specific occurrence in the web helped trigger the manual directory submission service industry to get bloated on the service requests because webmasters are looking for the different manual directory submission service packages. A way for them to get the best offer is to visit webmaster forums and seek for different offers from packages to regular service to special manual directory submission service.

Cheap and Quality Directory Submission Costs

Dsub 800 would like to tap in those who are looking for cheap costs and quality service to get their websites submitted to link directories for a lower or a slightly lower cost than the usual. This made us decide to get different variations and pricing to our manual directory submission service packages. In week or two we will also be launching a more comprehensive manual directory submission list of packages as we are still in the process of formulating what is the most effective campaign to launch.

Package # 1 - 500 d/site for $ 25.00 with 1 "free" PR2 or PR 3 Blog Review

This package #1 falls under a general link directory submission which is totally done on a 500 link directory submission for only $ 25.00 plus it comes up with a free blog review from a PR 2 or PR 3 blog with a 300 - 500 word article. The free blog review aims to help newly created websites to get a little boost to search engine indexing as this is a proven way to get the attention and trust of search engines. While those who are already indexed will have a great time with the search engines with an optimized blog review from a PR 2 or PR 3 top ranking blog in SEO Outsourcing or manual directory submission industry.

This is what Dsub 800 is all about, packages and offers and freebies and good service equipped with trust and all in all 7 years of stability of serving clients all over the world in the manual directory submission industry.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Manual Directory Submission - Half the Heart of SEO

Traffic and Rankings via Directory Submission

Manual directory submission is half the heart of SEO because it simply gives the advantage to he who resorts to use such method to gain search engine rankings and advantage over his competition. If link building is a way to get to the top of the SERPs in SEO, then manual directory submission is the best way to be there. More than just giving life to your content, manual directory submission gives you the edge and the might to stay in the SERPS without getting rattled by search engine algorithms especially in Google's index. With the use of this method to gain trust from search engines, you already have half of what you need in order to gain increase in traffic.

Another way to attain higher rankings in the SERPs, you should also learn to maneuver for the search engine preferences when we are talking about content optimization. Content is the other half of the heart of SEO and so this particular method when integrated with proper timing and method of implementation, will give not just the edge but the crown to the top of the search results index. It will give the authority to lead the results and the right to stay there for a long time. Of course even if this is already the case for you, it would mean that a continuous process should be implemented in order to maintain the position that you got from content optimization and manual directory submission.

Professional Approach on Directory Submission Service

This is the reason why Dsub 800 strongly believes by making our service become a professional approach in order to accomplish the SEO game plan properly we will also gain more clients and outsourced manual directory submission jobs from prospect clients. This differentiates us from the traditional services you can find out there with regards to directory submission service. A few reviews and links from other sites will do but since you already have the properly optimized content and the strength of manual directory submission, then chances are, you are going to have a good time staying on top of the search engine results pages with your target keywords. Eventually, this will lead to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Our Directory Submission Package

It is our utmost concern to make sure that new websites from clients will have an edge by taking our service as we are including a free blog review from a PR 3 or PR 2 blog which is part of the manual directory submission service package to help clients realize that we are not only after the job but also for the prestige that it will bring to us as the prime source for the said service. We are looking forward to see to it that our clients are well taken cared of not just through the service but also through their aim which is to gain the search engine attention. Therefore we are including a powerful 300 - 500 word article that will give our clients the edge over their competition. From the past where clients liked and benefited from this directory submission package, they come to us for more for their other concerns like a blog review and this has given us the unique service package and the advantage over our competition.

Dsub 800 Offers Unique Directory Submission Service

This is a first in the directory submission service industry and this will surely be an effective way for us to get more clients while they on the other hand will only find this kind of service from us and nowhere else. All other services who will attempt to copy our trade mark will be on our tails.

Manual directory submission service package by Dsub 800 is a first and an original and no other service will give this concern to their clients in terms of trust and reliability other than us. For your manual directory submission services, hire Dsub 800. WE can only offer superior, quality and client-based manual directory submission service packaged with a strong blog review service in one.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Manual Directory Submission Service Package

Our Manual Directory Submission Service Package are uniquely detailed to fit your needs. This is one of the reasons why clients come back to us for their directory submission service needs. While others see their fees getting higher each year, ours see getting more and more professional to meet the client's preferences.

Here at Dsub 800, we make sure that we do our directory submission manually and we take pride at humbling our honest service which in turn gives us more opportunities coming naturally by bulk orders. We see manual directory submission service not only as part of the job but also part of our life and this makes us treat you like ourselves which we value most.

So for your manual directory submission service, visit us here at Dsub 800 for your quotes and orders for your website/s now and avail of our different package grabs.

Transforming from an SEO Kitchen Blog into a Manual Link Directory Submission Blog

The SEO Kitchen Geek has finally decide to transform this SEO Kitchen Blog into a Manual Directory Submission and Content Writing Blog that aims to serve the webmaster community all over the world regarding link building needs and content writing needs, particularly Manual Link Directory Submission and article writing.

We will soon be opening a special package solution for webmasters and other directory submission people who are looking to outsource their excess directory submission service to us. We are a workforce of three who have been serving in link building particularly in manual directory submission service and content/article writing and we have over 2000 directories available and counting/editing based on PR as of now.

For more details of our service, visit in a week or two as we are still in the process of formulating our manual directory submission service packages and content writing service.