Sunday, April 19, 2009

Experimenting on a New Link Structure Optimization

Very few to none would believe me that there is something more to the links that we point to a webpage than just them being links. We all know that search engine trust is very important for the links that we get during our link building jobs.

My point is, if we build links to the pages we are working on, it better have to be a strong link, that which either comes with high PR or that which we know have enough inbound links pointing to it.

This being the case, we therefore should keep in mind that at whatever cost, we should only get links from those sites and pages that have been put trust be search engines in ways of knowing I've mentioned above. If you cannot do that, then there is still a remedy to your problem.

What you can do next is to build links to that page and make it become trusted by search engines from having a relevantly targeted anchor text as well as link to that page constantly. By experience, you don't even need to complicate things up.

You'll just need a few sites to rotate the interlinking of your links within a page and then you can instantly have well trusted sites with which you can use for your link building jobs.