Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kapihan sa Makati SEO Meetup

I read early in the morning today about Kapihan sa Makati SEO meetup that was co-sponsored by makapangyarihan, a veteran SEM personality in the Philippines today. I am not so sure if this meetup will ever push through but for what I have read today, everyone is welcome and makapangyarihan will be waiting at the second floor starbucks branch in the corner of Makati Avenue.

This could be a good start for many SEOs out there who are hoping to learn more about how to close SEO clients as the co-sponsor vowed to discuss there all about handling clients and handling work and closing them into a deal.

I read also at the SEOPh Forum that there will be others who are interested to attend the meetup and I hope this pushes through in the middle of the crisis that webmasters are experiencing today. This will be a very big help for many of them as well as I.

I hope this becomes a monthly habit for SEOs in the Philippines and will be featured more so the participants can grow more and attendees can learn more about SEO on the other side of the table.