Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What We Had this Christmas

This Christmas, we had a chicken turbo-cooked and marinated the night before. It is actually a favorite in the SEO's kitchen that night. Another is the local menudo which my daughter really loves to eat. We weren't able to consume all the food so we decided keep it in the fridge and have it for lunch the next day.

I even took some at work for my merienda and shared it with an office mate on lunch. We bothe had a great time eating the food as he knows that it was actually leftover from the SEO kitchen that we have at home. Not much of a beautiful kitchen but ok for standard living standard people like me. Well, I guess this is not going to be for long because works are pouring down like rain these past few months for us (me and my wife) who is doing link building for the clients that we have and our own personal websites.

I can also see that the business that we are going to get this coming 2008 is nearing its dream come true. There will be no stopping us and the business that we are going to have this coming summer and this is going to be both great for us and for my family. This has got to be the bes family business ever we had. Among the family it is only me who has an eye for business as I have been very successful with other business ventures before, an electronic shop of my own with 2 of my best friends in college behind the initiation and finance capital.

2008, here we come, me and my wife will be the best tandem there is in the Philippines community of SEO and link building. Of course, I can never take out the effort that my brother gave us to take some jobs outsourced to us. Thanks to you bro.