Sunday, April 08, 2007

Glass Arts and Kitchen Beauties

Beautiful Glass Arts:

Glass arts and glass artists are one of my most adored art of all. I find glass arts as one of the most difficult art a person or artist may indulge himself into because glass arts are really very hard to understand and technically accomplish as an artist. I have once seen a great glass artist that seem to make glass making arts as easy as eating a piece of the pie. He has the greatest vision as an artist and the hands of a god of glass arts of his generation although he is not much of an aged artist himself. I admit i envy him for that because i have always wanted to do extreme glass artist art works. I didn't get his name but all i can say is that he is truly an artist on the shelf that belongs to the many tokens of appreciation as trophies. I must say that he really amazed me so much that i even forgot to get his actual name. Amazed at how he twists the golden orange flames coming from the raw glass that he is holding in his hand using some metal clip to do the twisting and the carving of the glass art that he is doing i stared at him in awe and envy .

The Glass Artist:

I have seen him make a horse in just about a minute or two. it was really an amazing art for me but i am not as lucky as he is i guess when it comes to glass arts and making one. The house that can be seen in the background while he is making a glass art is also very enticing and intriguing as i take at look at it. There were really a lot of smorgasbord od beautiful glass arts in almost all types of glass arts ranging from beautiful chandeliers, vases, figurines, mirror art sculpted sides that somehow beautify the small "tokador", crystaline glass colored crystals and many more.

Kitchen Motif:

Have you even seen a glass motif of a kitchen? I can only tell you it could be the best kitchen motif you could ever see. I have seen myself some tempered glass arts of spoon, fork, pans, cooking woks in different beautiuful sizes, and would you even believe that i have seen some interesting and beautiful glass crafted kitchen utensils and and cooking utensils? Yes i do find them all interesting and arful in terms of glass arts and kitchen motifs. Other people would prefer a wooden motif but i nevertheless not because although they were cool specially in summer, they don't really smell that good in the rainy days and here in the Philippines it's not as good a motif because almost half the year we were experiencing rains and heavy ones specially in the typhoon seasons.

My Dream Kitchen:

My dream kitchen has always been that which could possibly accomodate a large number of visitors and food in the table. I also would like to have glass as the motif and most used ornament and utensils because glass is very relatively easy to clean up and clean looking all the time. They appeal so much for me and i love looking at those cute and clean glasses all the time and that is why i prefer glass arts and glass motif kitchen in my mind and all the time.