Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking a Step Forward in Link Building

Today I am taking a big step forward to try and produce the first ever merging of the inner pages of an entry to the Busby SEO Challenge by taking a few proven steps from a previous experiment. Here I am trying to see if the same rules apply. I did not compute things our but I am optimistic that the results will come in a week or two and see where this leads the entry.

This post to the Busby SEO challenge entry experiment might be the only witness to the first link hub ever produced in a world SEO contest and I am trying this because I wanted to prove if it will work in an over clogged keyword results because of all the busy Busby SEO challenge entries. I am taking this step to see if I can prove my theories right about it. This is the perfect venue to do just that and the other participants to the Busby SEO Challenge will just see how this will work and maybe if it really does work in this stiff keyword competition environment, I will be the first ever to optimize intentionally and produce the first link hub ever in the history of a contest where the competition is really very stiff.

Busby SEO Challenge SEO worldcup is a venue I will never forget if this happens. I will always remember how i can make the competitors wonder how I did it. The team is hoping that this works because if it does, it will be the best achievement for me and the team for all the years that has passed in patiently experimenting and learning how to do best with onpage and offpage optimization. I will try to meet my entries in the same page and land on an indented listing. Busby SEO Challenge, here we go..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Creating a Busby SEO Challenge Log

Today I tried to create a Web Design Toys Log using Google pages and I like the format that I chose to create the page. It has been very interesting for me to learn that a few things can be done to get things going and I want to see the next day if this will give a little jerk to the entry that we originally have for the SEO Worldcup challenge.

I can see so much with this page that I created and I am sure that many SEOs out there can learn a lot from this one that I made. It can also be that some of them do not yet know the power of this page when it comes to impressing the search engines, especially the big "G". I bet you guys out there that in a few days, you will all see how this will end up in the first page. I will try to put more links to it so this can be a very fast indexing and to help it arrive at it's original target which is the top of the page in the SERPs.