Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Getting Harder to Rank for Capiz Keyword

Yes, it is now getting a little bit harder to rank for the keyword on captivating Capiz. The reason could be because there are already too many indexed sites. This is including all of the social bookmarkings out there who have been there to fill up some of the positions in the top of the results. There were are few attempts to take the top positions but today it's really been a stiff Capiz keyword competition.

I hope tomorrow there will be changes to favor the entries that I have for the contest. I have suffered copying of my content but I was able to survive that copyright infringement by a student. As soon as the content was removed, I regained my rankings in the captivating Capiz keyword ranking contest and I am glad that I found a way to remedy the penalty by Google.

What I am after tomorrow is the top spot on the contest so I bet there will be more attempts but as soon as I take in the top position in the contest keyword, I bet you all of you will have a hard time taking that place from me and my Capiz blog so you better do it quick with your promotion of your respective blogs because I will be there soon. My Capiz links are all stable to I think it will be harder for you guys out there to topple my position when I get there.