Thursday, December 18, 2008

4 Days to Finish the Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Race

There is only 4 days left and the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest will soon end in one of the closest SEO contests ever in the Philippines by local SEOs. The grandest and most interesting race will soon end and no one seems to be moving except an entry by the world champ Benj Arriola which just the other day fell significantly but was able to recover from the verge of extinction.

I hope our entry will be on top when the last day finishes its final hour just like what I did in the Captivating Capiz SEO contest where my entry was on the 4th place just as I wanted. This is the most strategic ranking ever and I bet you all and other participants that we will climb the top spot at all costs unlike in the previous contest where I ended up 2nd place.

This time we want to make sure that there can only be one and that one should be us, me and my partner, Jeff. We want to prove something to ourselves more than the other contestants and we want to prove a technique that will take us to glory at the end of the day of the race. Promotional items corporate gifts srednarb is such a very long keyword and that made it harder for us to see through the top spot. All the participants especially those who are on the top 5 spots were all in hurry to topple one another and our team believes that we have a very big chance at gaining leverage over the others. Let the final move to the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb race begin!