Thursday, October 25, 2007

Being a Kitchen Geek with Custom Wood Furniture

A Touch of Wood In My Dream Kitchen

Even if I have always dreamed of a kitchen made totally of glass, as I see could always be the best kitchens in the world, I nevertheless don't forget that wood is a second choice. The reason for having custom wood furniture as a second choice is that that wood always resembles that aura of purely being close nature. With this in mind, I might as well consider having some custom wood furniture in the kitchen where it is always good to have one like the closets. Of course, it may totally sound so absurd if everything else in the dream kitchen that I want is made of glass so I guess this sort of gives a debate over my first posts regarding my dream glass kitchen which is totally made of glass.

Custom Wood Furniture is a Second Choice

Considering my passion about glass and this blog originally is all about glass kitchen, a certain incident made me change my mind regarding having everything else made from glass like what if the kids whom I view would love to play so much in the kitchen with all glass? What if the glass plate suddenly dropped in the glass tile? So what happens next? this made me think about having second thoughts about having it all in glass. so I decided to make some changes just in case that the situation would not permit me having an all glass kitchen for an SEO like me. My first though is to have "wood". Yes! wood will do the substitute when that incident happens.

That just about wraps everything else in my doubts for a totally glass-made kitchen. My second thoughts would surely belong to some custom wood furniture like a custom wood cabinet in the kitchen.