Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tell Me What You Think About This AdSense Ad

" Take a look at this ad below i only saw in a forum today and tell me what you are thinking about it. "



All we do is buy websites with Active AdSense revenue attached to them. We pay you in advance for the AdSense revenue your site WILL generate.

Sites must be bringing in a minimum of $5/Day or $150/Month in AdSense revenue.

We buy hundreds of sites every month, strictly based on their AdSense revenue value.

We do not buy sites that "buy" traffic for AdSense revenue.

You must provide proof of AdSense revenue for the last 90 days.

To sell us YOUR AdSense revenue site please email us your contact information, the domain of your site, and proof of AdSense revenue for the last 3 months (AdSense snapshots).

Historically we buy approximately 50% of sites presented to us. Payment is made via Paypal.

Please feel free to email me or PM me with any questions.

We also buy complete groups of AdSense sites.


I never knew this type of ad could ever exist because if you will just notice the requirements of their buying your AdSense site, it has to be earning at least $5.00 /day or $150.00/ month which to me could be something significant. If my site is earning this amount of revenue why would i sell it to them? That's the point.

Another thing is they say they are buying at least 50% of those that come to them to sell those AdSense sites. The question is, What happens if they decline to buy your AdSense site? What now for you. Would it be still possible for you to earn as much as you are earning now that they know what keywords you are tartgeting for the AdSense?

What assurance do you get out of opting to sell your AdSense site which in reality is selling your "secret keywords" to them? what happens if they don't buy your site? What happens to your keywords? That's the legitimate question at hand here. As we all know how AdSense works, its all about those secret keywords which others are not seeing.

And how much would they be interested to buy your AdSense site just in case? Would it be just based on the revenue? Go see for your self.