Monday, October 08, 2007

Sardines in the Kitchen of an SEO

Sardines is a Layman's Meal

Here in the Philippines, it is a layman's table that is important to people and no table will ever be complete as dinner goes on hand without a poorman's sardine meal. Even with the most lucrative kitchens of Filipinos, sardines is a regular that will always be missed when people go abroad and taste the most delicious meals in town. Sardines is also one of our favorites especially in times when the rains fall very often because it is always said that during these times, it is the most delicious meal that you can have in the table ready for meal.

Cheap Delicious but Without Nutrition

My mom used to say that even if sardines is cheap and very rarely discussed as a good preparation for a meal, still it is as good as having nothing. But as time has gone, I never really realized that everything will change that I don't believe anymore that sardines is a good meal for anyone. First, you don't get any practicality with it in terms of nutrition. Second, it never really was meant for people like us who are striving to work hard only to get a sardine in the table for dinner. No, not this time. But of course, it does not necessarily mean that we don't like it at all, in fact, me, my wife and daughter love eating this only at times that we miss the way we dined in the early table that we have in our younger years.

Looking Forward to Have Better Meals

As an SEO and someone who is looking forward to learning more about the job I do, I never dreamed of getting more than the best meals for my family and even if sardines may be delicious for the lonely taste buds that we have, it will never be the best meal that we would want in our dining table for a regular meal. Sardines will always be delicious for the common Filipino in us who does not have any choice but that. But with me and my family, we always see to it that the preference is always nutrition and not taste but if chances make them together for the table as a meal, then it is always better.