Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What We Had this Christmas

This Christmas, we had a chicken turbo-cooked and marinated the night before. It is actually a favorite in the SEO's kitchen that night. Another is the local menudo which my daughter really loves to eat. We weren't able to consume all the food so we decided keep it in the fridge and have it for lunch the next day.

I even took some at work for my merienda and shared it with an office mate on lunch. We bothe had a great time eating the food as he knows that it was actually leftover from the SEO kitchen that we have at home. Not much of a beautiful kitchen but ok for standard living standard people like me. Well, I guess this is not going to be for long because works are pouring down like rain these past few months for us (me and my wife) who is doing link building for the clients that we have and our own personal websites.

I can also see that the business that we are going to get this coming 2008 is nearing its dream come true. There will be no stopping us and the business that we are going to have this coming summer and this is going to be both great for us and for my family. This has got to be the bes family business ever we had. Among the family it is only me who has an eye for business as I have been very successful with other business ventures before, an electronic shop of my own with 2 of my best friends in college behind the initiation and finance capital.

2008, here we come, me and my wife will be the best tandem there is in the Philippines community of SEO and link building. Of course, I can never take out the effort that my brother gave us to take some jobs outsourced to us. Thanks to you bro.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Marhgil Macuha Launches a Mini SEO Contest

Problogger Marhgil Macuha and His Mini SEO Contest

Marhgil Macuha, the average half time night shift problogger and daytime telecoms employee launches a mini SEO contest that has something to do with his own name as the target keyword for $ 150 total. $100.00 for being on top in Google SERPs and $50.00 for being on top of Yahoo SERPs.

A Good Profile Management and Viral Marketing Technique for Marhgil Macuha

This could be one of the best profile management and viral marketing techniques that the SEOPh forum moderator Marhgil Macuha has launched this month. The mini SEO contest is in recall of the near anniversary of the website of Marhgil Macuha himself which is I have heard of so many profile management techniques and viral marketing but so far this could be one of the best and the cheapest way to market yourself as a money making machine and as a problogger here in the Philippines and in the rest of the SEO community.

The Contest Mechanics

The contest Mechanics can be found at Marhgil Macuha's personal website which is Macuha.comin this blog address ( The blogging contest money that Marhgil Macuha will be giving away is from the earnings that he received from Widgetbucks advertising.

The Marhgil Macuha Keyword Ranking Contest Prize

The contest prize will be set at $100.00 for the Google top notchers and $50.00 for the Yahoo top notchers. While this is the case with respect to the contest, there are 3 major requirements to be able to join in the Marhgil Macuha keyword ranking contest. The first one is that you should have a blog to post the content about the leyword. the second requirement is that you should have a Paypal account where the money will be deposited to the said account. The third requirement is that you will have to make a link back to his blog.

A Fun Contest in the Philippines for Marhgil Macuha

Although this is just a few bucks in total, many have made their comments on the Marhgil Macuha blog to confirm joining the contest. They all want a piece of the fun that the mini SEO contest generated in the Philippine SEO community.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Love That Dirty Kitchen in Chicago

I saw today a dirty kitchen in Chicago, Illinois and I was really surprised at the internal and external look of the kitchen itself. It was somewhere in Chicago, Illinois and what I saw was a clear great manifestation of a dream kitchen that I am planning to get for my family and myself maybe two or three years from now. It contained a glass cabinet where you can actually see the different stuff and kitchen utensils that the whole of the kitchen is offering its visitors to take a look at.

This reminded of the home in Chicago, Illinois where a good friend of mine actually stayed for about 5 years. The kitchen was also very much like what I actually saw the other day in the internet and it also reminded me of the Chicago home insurance that he paid for his home maintenance for over 4 years until he decided to transfer to Washington D.C.

I said to myself that I was lucky that I didn't live in the United States because the home insurance there is really way too high for a desired maintenance of the house. Although of course everybody once in a while should have second thoughts about this home insurance matters.

Lucky him and lucky me because all that me and my friend could do that time was just to chat online and see what's happening in each of our places and we exchange ideas and opinions about our one true obsession which is both - a dream kitchen. so I decided to share this special experience to him and he obliged that it is indeed a very beautiful kitchen.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Being a Kitchen Geek with Custom Wood Furniture

A Touch of Wood In My Dream Kitchen

Even if I have always dreamed of a kitchen made totally of glass, as I see could always be the best kitchens in the world, I nevertheless don't forget that wood is a second choice. The reason for having custom wood furniture as a second choice is that that wood always resembles that aura of purely being close nature. With this in mind, I might as well consider having some custom wood furniture in the kitchen where it is always good to have one like the closets. Of course, it may totally sound so absurd if everything else in the dream kitchen that I want is made of glass so I guess this sort of gives a debate over my first posts regarding my dream glass kitchen which is totally made of glass.

Custom Wood Furniture is a Second Choice

Considering my passion about glass and this blog originally is all about glass kitchen, a certain incident made me change my mind regarding having everything else made from glass like what if the kids whom I view would love to play so much in the kitchen with all glass? What if the glass plate suddenly dropped in the glass tile? So what happens next? this made me think about having second thoughts about having it all in glass. so I decided to make some changes just in case that the situation would not permit me having an all glass kitchen for an SEO like me. My first though is to have "wood". Yes! wood will do the substitute when that incident happens.

That just about wraps everything else in my doubts for a totally glass-made kitchen. My second thoughts would surely belong to some custom wood furniture like a custom wood cabinet in the kitchen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Dream Kitchen is Made of Glass

Dreaming of a Glass Kitchen

I have always dreamed of having a kitchen. This kitchen would somehow look like a crystal in the aura inside and out as it will use the best quality amongst all glass that are available in the market today. This may probably sound so absurd but nevertheless, it is still my dream kitchen and no one can put a hold on my desires of having one in the near future for my future home.

A Kitchen Full of Glass Wares and Glass Utensils

Yes! wouldn't it be more beautiful a kitchen it contained some of the best kitchen utensils that are purely made of glass and most everything from table to chairs to all possible gadgets are made by glass and glass alone.? Cool isn't it? Well, all I can say is that it will surely be the best kitchen in the world as it features all the unique designs of a kitchen in glass. I would also call it as the kitchen glass or the glass kitchen.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sardines in the Kitchen of an SEO

Sardines is a Layman's Meal

Here in the Philippines, it is a layman's table that is important to people and no table will ever be complete as dinner goes on hand without a poorman's sardine meal. Even with the most lucrative kitchens of Filipinos, sardines is a regular that will always be missed when people go abroad and taste the most delicious meals in town. Sardines is also one of our favorites especially in times when the rains fall very often because it is always said that during these times, it is the most delicious meal that you can have in the table ready for meal.

Cheap Delicious but Without Nutrition

My mom used to say that even if sardines is cheap and very rarely discussed as a good preparation for a meal, still it is as good as having nothing. But as time has gone, I never really realized that everything will change that I don't believe anymore that sardines is a good meal for anyone. First, you don't get any practicality with it in terms of nutrition. Second, it never really was meant for people like us who are striving to work hard only to get a sardine in the table for dinner. No, not this time. But of course, it does not necessarily mean that we don't like it at all, in fact, me, my wife and daughter love eating this only at times that we miss the way we dined in the early table that we have in our younger years.

Looking Forward to Have Better Meals

As an SEO and someone who is looking forward to learning more about the job I do, I never dreamed of getting more than the best meals for my family and even if sardines may be delicious for the lonely taste buds that we have, it will never be the best meal that we would want in our dining table for a regular meal. Sardines will always be delicious for the common Filipino in us who does not have any choice but that. But with me and my family, we always see to it that the preference is always nutrition and not taste but if chances make them together for the table as a meal, then it is always better.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Free Web Hosting by Web Free Hosting

Free Web Hosting Services

What is free web hosting? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your sites hosted under a free web hosting service these days? What are the chances that you have if you go for free web hosting against your competition? Is there really no such thing as free web hosting? Does all free web hosting these days not offer free web hosting for your own domains? What do guys and businesses that offer this kind of service get out of giving away a freebie? What's the catch with the word "FREE"? These are just some of the legitimate questions that i am planning to answer as we go along discussing about a service that any professional, business owner, individual, organizations, companies and webmasters would need before their online business gets going.

Web Hosting as a Top Priority

For most SEO, they know that web hosting is a top priority, next after the off page and on page optimization of the website. This will dictate the tempo for your site's availability in the internet for users, visitors and the traffic that you are targeting to visit your website. This is the core of the business because if this does not happen to your expectations, you have no other choice but to transfer your web hosting to a more favorable web hosting company that will give you all the advantage you need from them and that is basically just to have your site up in the online visitors 24/7 the whole year through.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting Services

Most free web hosting services would just offer the service and say they are free but upon learning that some of them even have tie ups to your domain because they won't allow you to have your own domain hosted under their service. Another is that they will fill your website up with all the ads that they can fill your pages as long as it is part of the agreement and you won't have anything left as space even for your own blogroll or links page. Some would put in too many pop-ups that are annoying to your traffic and visitors. This will only drive them all away in the end and leave you wondering what's wrong with the contents of your pages when you have them all right as the standards would require. Other services would limit your e-mail and the allowed bandwidth for your hosted website.

Advantages of Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is free. It would help you save the money instead especially if your website is only dedicated to free or gratitude services like foundations, government owned, small business and other non-profit websites. A Free web hosting also enables you to channel the costs for the services to other more important matters other than web hosting. Free web hosting also enables you to have an initial idea and estimate as to how you see the possibilities of having your site hosted under a paid web hosting service. After all, a 9-dollar cost would cost a mere $108 a year and that could buy you more domains to host in free web hosting service the next month if you won"t need to pay for it.

Free Web Hosting - What's the Catch?

Of course, free web hosting would most likely just offer you a low budget bandwidth allotted for your web site plus if they fill your pages with pop-ups, your small business will surely not make it for you. This means that you don't stand any chance at being more competitive than your rival business. But what if you still have a chance at a bigger bandwidth plus free unlimited e-mail and your own domain with all the scripts of a legitimate and professional web hosting service? Would you go for it?

Web Free Hosting Has a Total Package For You

Yes there is one and we will get to that point at the end of this discussion. This just proves that indeed there is still a legitimate and professional free web hosting service existing today and you can find it in Web Free Hosting - a totally free web hosting service just recently launched the other day.

Hopefully, their service will answer all your doubts and second thoughts as they offer a totally free web hosting service. You can go and check their terms and conditions and the benefits that awaits you and your websites getting their hosting services. Some of their best details, i have posted below.
Web Free Hosting - Offering Free Web Hosting Services
We offer absolutely free, professional web hosting services with the following features;
  • 50MB Disk space
  • 1GB Monthly bandwidth
  • Free CPanel with Fantastico
  • Unlimited email addresses (
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Popular scripts included in Fantastico
    • WordPress 2.2.1
    • phpBB2
    • Coppermine Photo Gallery
  • Many more!
When you sign up for your free web hosting account, you would also be receiving free SEO analysis and recommendation for you website along with free manual directory submission to over 2,000 free web directories.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feedburner Is Now Acquired by Google

The Chicago-based feed management and advertising company FeedBurner will soon be totally added to the many trophies of the biggest search engine - Google. This will be part of Google's program to look for ways in identifying and offering new tools for many content writers and publishers according to the Google blog. This will hopefully be an additional and wider distribution venue for the internet users and therefore would also help many affiliate marketers in both direct and indirect ways.

Feed burner is a leading feed distribution and management tools in Chicago for the service of the different sectors including bloggers, podcasters and feed creators. Since this is a sure fact that Google will son launch, many bloggers and podcasters have been looking forward to the enhancement of the service for their benefit and advantage. Since a web feed is a way for every online publishers to syndicate their content and deliver it straight to the target visitors and readers, this will be another great service for most webmasters also that fall in the SEO arena.

Since contents are rarely not monetized these days, this new service will hopefully reach a significant target user increase since the acquisition of the feeds service of the said company last June 1, 2007 as announced by Google in their daily bread- The Google Blog. To widen the service of the company, FeedBurner will now be offering some sort of a "feed advertising platform for advertisers to reach engaged feed readers through targeted in-feed ads and innovative techniques like RSS feed-driven ads" according to Google.

You can see the full details of the announcement of the acquisition of FeedBurner by Google here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tell Me What You Think About This AdSense Ad

" Take a look at this ad below i only saw in a forum today and tell me what you are thinking about it. "



All we do is buy websites with Active AdSense revenue attached to them. We pay you in advance for the AdSense revenue your site WILL generate.

Sites must be bringing in a minimum of $5/Day or $150/Month in AdSense revenue.

We buy hundreds of sites every month, strictly based on their AdSense revenue value.

We do not buy sites that "buy" traffic for AdSense revenue.

You must provide proof of AdSense revenue for the last 90 days.

To sell us YOUR AdSense revenue site please email us your contact information, the domain of your site, and proof of AdSense revenue for the last 3 months (AdSense snapshots).

Historically we buy approximately 50% of sites presented to us. Payment is made via Paypal.

Please feel free to email me or PM me with any questions.

We also buy complete groups of AdSense sites.


I never knew this type of ad could ever exist because if you will just notice the requirements of their buying your AdSense site, it has to be earning at least $5.00 /day or $150.00/ month which to me could be something significant. If my site is earning this amount of revenue why would i sell it to them? That's the point.

Another thing is they say they are buying at least 50% of those that come to them to sell those AdSense sites. The question is, What happens if they decline to buy your AdSense site? What now for you. Would it be still possible for you to earn as much as you are earning now that they know what keywords you are tartgeting for the AdSense?

What assurance do you get out of opting to sell your AdSense site which in reality is selling your "secret keywords" to them? what happens if they don't buy your site? What happens to your keywords? That's the legitimate question at hand here. As we all know how AdSense works, its all about those secret keywords which others are not seeing.

And how much would they be interested to buy your AdSense site just in case? Would it be just based on the revenue? Go see for your self.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Google Generated Sitemaps for $5.00

I recently learned that Google is charging for their sitemap generated content at $5.00 per data. The data to be downloaded is to be paid via paypal and i just got interested at posting this new knowledge that i learned while i was playing around with the sitemap generation tool that i got interested lately to help me out on my SEO-related travels in the web. I will be using this data because i saw that there are 2 broken links reported therein and i do not have any knowledge also about those broken links and i also do not know anything about broken links and how they may affect our online business, specially our websites.

I believe that i should know all bout this because i have to learn how to use the tool and at the same time see and learn all the possible benefits that i could use for my growing number of websites today. Actually although they were all just blogs hosted under blogger and wordpress and myspace, i believe as a webmaster of this century that i need to learn all the necessary tools to use in SEO and in my continued learning in the field.

Since i do not know yet anything about sitemaps and how they cn be used to the advantage of any webmaster, i decided to take a look at the offers of Google through the webmaster account that i jsut recently got to sign up. I also learned that there are lots of things that i can learn out of having a webmaster's account at Google since i will need them also on my new AdSense account which i also had recently signed up with.

The point of this post is to simply let others know that my curiosity led to discovering that as a webmaster we could use the sitemap generated data to be able to understand what it is that is happening in our own websites through the details that we could possibly get out of the sitemap.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Glass Arts and Kitchen Beauties

Beautiful Glass Arts:

Glass arts and glass artists are one of my most adored art of all. I find glass arts as one of the most difficult art a person or artist may indulge himself into because glass arts are really very hard to understand and technically accomplish as an artist. I have once seen a great glass artist that seem to make glass making arts as easy as eating a piece of the pie. He has the greatest vision as an artist and the hands of a god of glass arts of his generation although he is not much of an aged artist himself. I admit i envy him for that because i have always wanted to do extreme glass artist art works. I didn't get his name but all i can say is that he is truly an artist on the shelf that belongs to the many tokens of appreciation as trophies. I must say that he really amazed me so much that i even forgot to get his actual name. Amazed at how he twists the golden orange flames coming from the raw glass that he is holding in his hand using some metal clip to do the twisting and the carving of the glass art that he is doing i stared at him in awe and envy .

The Glass Artist:

I have seen him make a horse in just about a minute or two. it was really an amazing art for me but i am not as lucky as he is i guess when it comes to glass arts and making one. The house that can be seen in the background while he is making a glass art is also very enticing and intriguing as i take at look at it. There were really a lot of smorgasbord od beautiful glass arts in almost all types of glass arts ranging from beautiful chandeliers, vases, figurines, mirror art sculpted sides that somehow beautify the small "tokador", crystaline glass colored crystals and many more.

Kitchen Motif:

Have you even seen a glass motif of a kitchen? I can only tell you it could be the best kitchen motif you could ever see. I have seen myself some tempered glass arts of spoon, fork, pans, cooking woks in different beautiuful sizes, and would you even believe that i have seen some interesting and beautiful glass crafted kitchen utensils and and cooking utensils? Yes i do find them all interesting and arful in terms of glass arts and kitchen motifs. Other people would prefer a wooden motif but i nevertheless not because although they were cool specially in summer, they don't really smell that good in the rainy days and here in the Philippines it's not as good a motif because almost half the year we were experiencing rains and heavy ones specially in the typhoon seasons.

My Dream Kitchen:

My dream kitchen has always been that which could possibly accomodate a large number of visitors and food in the table. I also would like to have glass as the motif and most used ornament and utensils because glass is very relatively easy to clean up and clean looking all the time. They appeal so much for me and i love looking at those cute and clean glasses all the time and that is why i prefer glass arts and glass motif kitchen in my mind and all the time.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kitchen On A Blog

Beautiful kitchens have always amazed me whenever i see a good looking one going to a friend's house and seeing the kitchen dimensions and never ceasing to touch the kitchen "muebles" that i find so irresistably adorable and worth the attention. These sorts of sights make me wantto write a blog about as i have always loved doing. One of my greatest dreams since childhood is seeing my own beautiful kitchen on my own house and possibly designing it with my own kitchen artful hands and basing the design itself from my imaginations and well-loved favorite design collections. Blog about a kitchen i so find beautiful is also a feeling that makes me so happy that i want to almost jump for joy. See kitchen sights below that you would find adorable and maybe decide to have one inside your beautiful homes.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. images derived from >>>
I have a collection of beautiful kitchen designs that i saw lately from an internet website and i never stopped to dream about them since that very same day. It will be for sure that i will have my own in the near future and i would estimate it to be by the opening of the year 2008. My own house and my own kitchen customized and designed by me, it has to be one of the greatest feelings that i will have when the time comes and i can't wait for that day it seems.

There's no stopping for me to getting things that i want this year and the year to come because i will get all the job outsourced to me by my brother and the start of that fulfillment is now going on. My own dream kitchen and my own dream blog where i can discuss a lot about such passion for. I love this current job that i have doing in my computer writing blog and blogging about any blog i want to and find interesting and this will help me make sure that i will get the things and stuff that i want through this job plus the current job that i have that is giving me a little more than what i expected. everything is going right this time and i will not let anything else get in the way but instead add up concentration for my dream kitchen and a blog that gives me lots of leads and visitors taking a lo0k at to get things going smoothly.

Dream kitchens are just around the corner and i am planning to get one for my new home come next year. It may not be as spacious as it is but i dreamed of a service kitchen that would accomodate my love for foods and cooking for my family. At the same time, i would like to blog and brag about in the web and to my friends and colleagues.

Blogs are my way of getting out those remaining stress that i have accumulated while working and travelling for work.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Battle of Cebu Boxing

Today, "The Battle of Cebu" is about to take place in the boxing arena of the Cebuanos the Cebu City Sports Complex. Featured by ABS-CBN, the fight will begin 9:30 PM PST. The fight will feature four of the greatest Filipino fighters that promises to add to the country's honor that was restored by the Philippine boxing hero Manny "pacman" Pacquiao who defeated two of the greatest legendary fighters in his division namely Eric "El Terrible" Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera.

The Battle of Cebu - "Moment of Truth" (see video in this link) is scheduled to bring championship calibre fights for the locals here in the Philippines brought by Dela Hoya Promotions. The first fight is between Jimrex Jaca and Simson "The Terminator" Butar Butar where Jaca won the WBO Asia Pacific Super Featherweight championship by TKO on the seventh round. The second fight is between Z Gorres and Fernando Montiel for the WBO Super Flyweight title where Z Gorres lost by a split decision and was not able to take the belt from the defending champion, Montiel. The third fight is between Bert Batawang, a 35 year old veteran Filipino and an Indonesian Sofyan Efendi who is just a 19 year old slugger with a champion's track record in terms of fights. The Filipino won by TKO also and i am convinced that he will go the distance with his next fights because of the southpaw stance that he was able to display and make use of effectively to win the fight.

The final fight took place between Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista and Montiel Gonzales where the Filipino fighter only took three rounds to finish the oponent to win the vacant WBO Youth Super Bantamweight crown along with his other title which is The WBO Intercontinental belt.

There was another fight included in The Battle of Cebu - "Moment of Truth" ( see 5-part video primer in this link ) series of fights but i was not able to see it aired and shown and i was not able to see the results also. The fight is between Alex John Banal and Komrit Lukkuongmuekol.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

MSN Sandboxed Site

For three to four days now i have been searching for answers from forums and other webmaster friends if it's possible that MSN also had sandboxed site. First i would like to clear out the cobwebs in my mind because i have only heard about the sandboxed sites in Google but this time, it's a site of a good friend of mine.

I have heard twice now that MSN also does this in the forums that i visited the other night. Some were also complaining about the alleged sanboxed sites that they own. To think that they also have just experienced this just the other month, i could assume that MSN has this new basis foir sandboxing site/s but what could it be for? That of course is the question.

Sooner or later, one of us would also take the same path as what fate my friends site suffered. I am hoping that it won;t happen to my sites. Because they were only blogspot sites, i have been giving it a boost for my link building services which i do in my extra time.

If Google does this and so does MSN, will Yahoo be next. I've never heard that Yahoo ever sandboxed any kind of site to this day and i hope this is not the start of a new era of difficult link building practices for many SEO like me in the link building business.

See you guys at the Metro Phi Resto Bar tonight at 7:00 PM for the SEO contest awards night.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Google Backlinks, Gone After a Few Days

I have been looking at the links that all my sites has been able to achieve. Right after my explorations of the six sites that i have been building up links with, i noticed that Google is kind enough to give me the links that somehow i feel all my sites really deserve. Odd thing is that after a few days, maybe four, i suddenly noticed that all the links disappeared from the Google search that i have been monitoring after the update was released.

How come the sudden disappearances of all the links that i feel was hard earned by my sites and the sites that i have been doing link building jobs with? I am actually planning on using them all as part of my other link building explorations for which i am interested in doing and implementing for other companies and sites that i have been promoting. The relief that i felt after finding out that Google has somehow loosen up its allowable links for their index to webmasters was replaced by sadness because i thought at first that it could be the start of a more fruitful and progressive way of dealing with the links that Google has been making it hard for most webmasters to earn for their sites these days. Imagine that you could even rank your site in Google search with some target keywords yet you still have no backlink at all indexed by the search engine itself.

I almost got myself into thinking that maybe this certain happening is the more pushing away link builders like me to sort out for a more definite and sure way of building up and getting links for the said search engine's index and that is to resort to black hat techniques to be able to get what we need - backlinks. since everybody knows that backlinks is one of the most powerful factors that any website has to attain to be able to make it to a target margin of traffic to generate for a site that is being promoted through link building. Furthermore, any site in the web today needs backlinks to be able to rank high in search terms and keywords that you are aiming for. These backlinks in return gives any site the liberty to generate traffic and that it needs to increase ROI for the site and maximize the revenue that any webmaster and website owner is aiming for.

Before this incident happened, i used to have about a standard 6 up to 8 backlinks in my name for my six personal websites but after about four days of comfortably looking at them in every search that i did every night trying to see if Google will increase in terms of indexing my link building efforts, i was suddenly stunned to see that they have all gone somewhere else other than on my websites and i don't know where or how come. Sorry for this post because i was not able to save a still copy of the Google search page where i found my links with, a few days ago.

Although before i was comfortable at just typing in my sites for the Google site explorer box and never finding even one result on their index, when i found out about the results i almost shouted for joy. Well, it's not really everything and in fact not much of a big deal or something but it almost caught up my attention and got me to speeding up my link building jobs so as to speed up also the increase in the number of backlinks that i will be generating for the sites that i am promoting including my own websites. At least, i am happy the way that Yahoo has been treating my sites and the way that they have been generating the backlinks that i need for the work that i am currently doing for myself and for my clients.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

SEO Thoughts of PR and Gratitude for 2006

Just the other day i had this tini wini thought that all my blogs have PR and right now i have 6 blogs up and running in the midst of my busy link building world. Come to think of it, i just had that thought a few days ago and look what, after i received a PR 1 on my oldest blog, which was due to Google's update, it seemed odd receiving a late PR update because i have never heard that Google did updates twice or maybe its just that the updates took a longer time to take effect on my three other blogs or maybe it's because i perceived it almost everyday while i was in front of my desktop that all my 6 blogs have their own corresponding PRs. Now, 4 of them has PRs 1, 1, 2, 2 respectively.

One of those blogs have already attained a PR 2 when in fact it only has 2 posts in it. Surprised at what i have achieved, i took a short time reviewing my 2 posts and it turned out that it's because i had been working on my posts very well because they (the 2 posts) all ranked at #1 in Google, MSN and Yahoo respectively with a target keyword that i guess no one optimized to be as easy to rank on. Job well done for me this time of the opening of the year of the pig. It is also my vision that this year will be my destiny when it comes to my internet life, meaning, i will make it bigger in this field that my brother introduced me in just last May 2006.

This is one of the days that i am greatful with myself because i have learned lately that whatever i would keep my mind focused on i will achieve with great ease and happiness later and i bet this is the time for it.

  1. I bought my dream family size tent and have used it with my daughter and wife when we went to the La Mesa Eco Park which we love as a resting outlet here in Manila after a hectic weekend.
  2. I got loads of the job that i am ailing to get since i started the link-building practices that my brother has taught me. It even gave me the salary that i was never even expecting to be higher than my regular job compared.
  3. I have been able to buy things, stuff, and food that i have promised my family to get the same year.
  4. I bought my own pc table with my own salary from the same computer that i was using to generate the income from which i used to buy it. Funny but i have only visualized before having my own pc table from which i have seen a few days back from the office and uttered that i will have one on the same week and presto, i got it!
  5. I was able to pay for the bills without even thinking that i would run out of cash paying them including my expenses on dsl connection from which i use in doing link building jobs outsourced to me by my brother.
  6. I was able to pay my loans and was even surprised that one of them i even had an excess amounting to at least 3 thousand the day i checked it out with my balances which i haven't claimed up to this day.
  7. I bought another pc i had always imagined seeing me and my wife doing the job together with the help of my parents who never ceased to support us before the year ended. This means four hands at a time working harmoniously on the same job(my wife and me)
  8. i have visualized that we will have a salary increase this year and look what, i had a salary increase that's even higher than all my colleagues got in the technical business in our branch.
  9. Just as i have thought, last branch inspection dated November 8, we have the best critics from the other competing branches in the Philippines and we were tagged again (breaking the records) as the cleanest and no machine down in the area. "We're truly the best and the elite".
  10. I have always focused on breaking the records of being able to repair all troubles of machines i am handling right now before the end of the year and i achieved it with the help of my technical team.
  11. Machines from the previous technical administration ( my supervisor) that never reached a condition of getting higher sales i have achieved to provide bigger profits to the amusement i work with last year based on data again on the latest inter branch head meeting held at the main office.
  12. I even remember last December saying once to my best buddy in the technical department of my current regular work that the central bank will run out of money but i will not and look what happened, i never ran out of money in my ATM card up to this date, cash keeps coming before i even get them all banished from my account.
  13. I am thankful also that last year before i saw myself leaving the house to go later to our christmas party, i promised to my wife and said these exact words "i will take home the largest cash prize on the night" and said the same exact words to my best buddy before we left our job and while in the party itself. I was never even surprised instead boasted to him when my name got called to receive the grandest cash of the night which was 3k along with other 20 or so.
  14. I learned and got to play with my adsense codes and was able to generate ads on my own that is optimized for maximum ROI.
Truly, the power of the mind is the farthest most superior power in the universe and i am thankful that i was able to utilize that best part of me before the year ended and i am starting and continuing to enjoy it up to this very same day and perceive that i will receive more
extended blessings this year.