Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Google Backlinks, Gone After a Few Days

I have been looking at the links that all my sites has been able to achieve. Right after my explorations of the six sites that i have been building up links with, i noticed that Google is kind enough to give me the links that somehow i feel all my sites really deserve. Odd thing is that after a few days, maybe four, i suddenly noticed that all the links disappeared from the Google search that i have been monitoring after the update was released.

How come the sudden disappearances of all the links that i feel was hard earned by my sites and the sites that i have been doing link building jobs with? I am actually planning on using them all as part of my other link building explorations for which i am interested in doing and implementing for other companies and sites that i have been promoting. The relief that i felt after finding out that Google has somehow loosen up its allowable links for their index to webmasters was replaced by sadness because i thought at first that it could be the start of a more fruitful and progressive way of dealing with the links that Google has been making it hard for most webmasters to earn for their sites these days. Imagine that you could even rank your site in Google search with some target keywords yet you still have no backlink at all indexed by the search engine itself.

I almost got myself into thinking that maybe this certain happening is the more pushing away link builders like me to sort out for a more definite and sure way of building up and getting links for the said search engine's index and that is to resort to black hat techniques to be able to get what we need - backlinks. since everybody knows that backlinks is one of the most powerful factors that any website has to attain to be able to make it to a target margin of traffic to generate for a site that is being promoted through link building. Furthermore, any site in the web today needs backlinks to be able to rank high in search terms and keywords that you are aiming for. These backlinks in return gives any site the liberty to generate traffic and that it needs to increase ROI for the site and maximize the revenue that any webmaster and website owner is aiming for.

Before this incident happened, i used to have about a standard 6 up to 8 backlinks in my name for my six personal websites but after about four days of comfortably looking at them in every search that i did every night trying to see if Google will increase in terms of indexing my link building efforts, i was suddenly stunned to see that they have all gone somewhere else other than on my websites and i don't know where or how come. Sorry for this post because i was not able to save a still copy of the Google search page where i found my links with, a few days ago.

Although before i was comfortable at just typing in my sites for the Google site explorer box and never finding even one result on their index, when i found out about the results i almost shouted for joy. Well, it's not really everything and in fact not much of a big deal or something but it almost caught up my attention and got me to speeding up my link building jobs so as to speed up also the increase in the number of backlinks that i will be generating for the sites that i am promoting including my own websites. At least, i am happy the way that Yahoo has been treating my sites and the way that they have been generating the backlinks that i need for the work that i am currently doing for myself and for my clients.

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Anonymous said...

I too have lost all of my back links on google. What gives?