Saturday, August 04, 2007

Free Web Hosting by Web Free Hosting

Free Web Hosting Services

What is free web hosting? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your sites hosted under a free web hosting service these days? What are the chances that you have if you go for free web hosting against your competition? Is there really no such thing as free web hosting? Does all free web hosting these days not offer free web hosting for your own domains? What do guys and businesses that offer this kind of service get out of giving away a freebie? What's the catch with the word "FREE"? These are just some of the legitimate questions that i am planning to answer as we go along discussing about a service that any professional, business owner, individual, organizations, companies and webmasters would need before their online business gets going.

Web Hosting as a Top Priority

For most SEO, they know that web hosting is a top priority, next after the off page and on page optimization of the website. This will dictate the tempo for your site's availability in the internet for users, visitors and the traffic that you are targeting to visit your website. This is the core of the business because if this does not happen to your expectations, you have no other choice but to transfer your web hosting to a more favorable web hosting company that will give you all the advantage you need from them and that is basically just to have your site up in the online visitors 24/7 the whole year through.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting Services

Most free web hosting services would just offer the service and say they are free but upon learning that some of them even have tie ups to your domain because they won't allow you to have your own domain hosted under their service. Another is that they will fill your website up with all the ads that they can fill your pages as long as it is part of the agreement and you won't have anything left as space even for your own blogroll or links page. Some would put in too many pop-ups that are annoying to your traffic and visitors. This will only drive them all away in the end and leave you wondering what's wrong with the contents of your pages when you have them all right as the standards would require. Other services would limit your e-mail and the allowed bandwidth for your hosted website.

Advantages of Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is free. It would help you save the money instead especially if your website is only dedicated to free or gratitude services like foundations, government owned, small business and other non-profit websites. A Free web hosting also enables you to channel the costs for the services to other more important matters other than web hosting. Free web hosting also enables you to have an initial idea and estimate as to how you see the possibilities of having your site hosted under a paid web hosting service. After all, a 9-dollar cost would cost a mere $108 a year and that could buy you more domains to host in free web hosting service the next month if you won"t need to pay for it.

Free Web Hosting - What's the Catch?

Of course, free web hosting would most likely just offer you a low budget bandwidth allotted for your web site plus if they fill your pages with pop-ups, your small business will surely not make it for you. This means that you don't stand any chance at being more competitive than your rival business. But what if you still have a chance at a bigger bandwidth plus free unlimited e-mail and your own domain with all the scripts of a legitimate and professional web hosting service? Would you go for it?

Web Free Hosting Has a Total Package For You

Yes there is one and we will get to that point at the end of this discussion. This just proves that indeed there is still a legitimate and professional free web hosting service existing today and you can find it in Web Free Hosting - a totally free web hosting service just recently launched the other day.

Hopefully, their service will answer all your doubts and second thoughts as they offer a totally free web hosting service. You can go and check their terms and conditions and the benefits that awaits you and your websites getting their hosting services. Some of their best details, i have posted below.
Web Free Hosting - Offering Free Web Hosting Services
We offer absolutely free, professional web hosting services with the following features;
  • 50MB Disk space
  • 1GB Monthly bandwidth
  • Free CPanel with Fantastico
  • Unlimited email addresses (
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Popular scripts included in Fantastico
    • WordPress 2.2.1
    • phpBB2
    • Coppermine Photo Gallery
  • Many more!
When you sign up for your free web hosting account, you would also be receiving free SEO analysis and recommendation for you website along with free manual directory submission to over 2,000 free web directories.