Saturday, December 09, 2006

The SEO Lesson From a Black Hatter and Spammer

A few days ago, i have just created this blog site of mine that is supposed to deal with SEO, blogs, kitchen and glass which are top four of my favorite things in this lifetime i have . Contrary to my planned set up the first post i have blogged discussed about a black hatter and spammer site that i came across with while searching for blog sites to link to on my first post. This has never happened to me before. I would treat this instance as one of the best experiences that i have been in to since i started to learn a little about SEO and blogs.

SEO Forums:

Since i have registered many accounts in different SEO forums, i decided to ask for some other SEO friend's opinion and also to go for other SEO professionals that has knowledge on how to deal with my discovery and take a peek at this curiosity for this SEO and black hatter and spammer site. It was also a blog site that significantly has a high rank in the Google SERP in the same target keyword as my newly put up blog. In short, his blog site has all the possible qualities of a well generated and optimized content and it came to my mind to try and visit his actual page because he is in top of everything knowing his site is a blog also. Ranking at #4 with a highly competent keyword ranging up to more than 2.3 million pages in Google and up to 9.8 million in Yahoo involves great deal of hard work and at the same time SEO dedication. This allowed me to adore and in part envy this blogger's site only to find out later that it was optimized to achieve high rankings in the SERP using black hatter and spammer SEO tactics and manipulate the web using black hat techniques that i am not familiar with. This is according to a friend from a famous forum.

SEO Friends:

Asking from friends i began to get responses from the forum sites that i have asked opinions with and some of them had great responses from which i have learned an important lesson in my becoming of a dedicated and professional SEO practitioner soon. I have given enough time for my decision to come up using a balanced point of view as to what action i will take regarding this spammer and black hatter's site. Of course in terms of SEO competition, the site itself is my rival in rankings and in keyword target which we both have the same. But the point is considering he has done efforts i am not knowledgeable with and i don't want to take actions that i will later on regret because i also believe that for whatever technique (black hat or white hat) he used for his site to rank high in the SERP, he still deserves what he has aimed for and should claim what he feels is rightfully his.

Forum Replies:

After getting enough replies in forums i have visited and from other friends i have , i decided to take actions within two days and was surprised at the result of my last attempt to look at the actual site of this black hatter and spammer. His web site is nowhere to be found in SERP and his site has virtually disappeared on the results of my search. Luckily, i have his site in my favorites list which has enabled me to again take a look at the actual page and play around with his links. In astonishment about the art of the black hatter and spammer site. I must admit. it is indeed very well done!

Relieved at SERP Results:

I said to myself that i am very lucky that it was not me who had to do the action of reporting this black hatter and spammer site because i do not know if it is the right thing to do and basing my action from the initial knowledge i have gained out of his technique if i were to take the same course of action in the future or go with the plain old and reliable white hat SEO.

After learning from the results, that his site may have been banned by Google themselves or someone else found about the used schemes of a black hatter and spammer, i hurried to the forum where i have asked some friends about their opinion on whatever action i should take. In there i decided to thank them all for their concern and told them they had no idea at all how relieved i am that it didn't have to be me to do such an action. SEO is SEO and it is an art and not a science and that is the reason why the last letter stands for "optimization".

For the last time i took a deeper look of the black hatter and spammer site and adored the techniques he used to achieve his goal even if i do not know at all how it is done and executed. I must admit that having such knowledge is enviable for a newbie like me in the field of SEO.

I just feel lucky today... very lucky. Thanks to you whoever you are.