Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feedburner Is Now Acquired by Google

The Chicago-based feed management and advertising company FeedBurner will soon be totally added to the many trophies of the biggest search engine - Google. This will be part of Google's program to look for ways in identifying and offering new tools for many content writers and publishers according to the Google blog. This will hopefully be an additional and wider distribution venue for the internet users and therefore would also help many affiliate marketers in both direct and indirect ways.

Feed burner is a leading feed distribution and management tools in Chicago for the service of the different sectors including bloggers, podcasters and feed creators. Since this is a sure fact that Google will son launch, many bloggers and podcasters have been looking forward to the enhancement of the service for their benefit and advantage. Since a web feed is a way for every online publishers to syndicate their content and deliver it straight to the target visitors and readers, this will be another great service for most webmasters also that fall in the SEO arena.

Since contents are rarely not monetized these days, this new service will hopefully reach a significant target user increase since the acquisition of the feeds service of the said company last June 1, 2007 as announced by Google in their daily bread- The Google Blog. To widen the service of the company, FeedBurner will now be offering some sort of a "feed advertising platform for advertisers to reach engaged feed readers through targeted in-feed ads and innovative techniques like RSS feed-driven ads" according to Google.

You can see the full details of the announcement of the acquisition of FeedBurner by Google here.