Thursday, July 17, 2008

Earning Tax - Free Salary and Working in Dubai

Where in the world do you think you can earn a salary that will not be deducted of any form of tax? the answer is Dubai. Yes, a work in Dubai yields tax-free salary and that is based on one of the labor laws in this part of the Emirates.

This could also be one of the reasons why British expats are pouring in this part of the Emirates. We also know that Dubai has one of the best structures in the world and numerous man-made wonders that you cannot see anywhere else like The Palm Jumeirah, a man-made city in the middle of the sea, the Versace Beach Hotel, home of the first ever refrigerated beach in the world and many more.

Proof that Dubai is very rich and surely can afford to give a tax-free salary to its workers. If you have what it takes to get a job and work in Dubai, would you not want to? This year, I promised myself that I will be looking for a job there to get this amenity in a tax-free salary while we are in the middle of the world economic crisis.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The "Nofollow" Theory Opinion

I've got an interesting opinion that might just get you reeling to make that comment here in my blog if you read this post. I'd like to put more emphasis today to one of the most interesting topics today regarding "nofollow" links as used in the Busby SEO Challenge contest. I know that I may not be the proper authority about this but if you would only allow me to discuss an opinion, it might help you a bit in understanding that "nofollow" links do really help in giving your site the authority that Google likes to put when they see the perfect links getting inbound your pages.

First, there are a lot of buzz roaming around that "nofollow" links are totally useless. I say no! Why? Simply because I believe that won't get in the list of links that a site has if it has no value at all. True, Google has put no value at all for these kinds of link especially when we are talking about Google slapping those who go for paid linking. Remember in the old days where in order to gain the interest of search engines you can actually do some buying of links and put it to a web page you want to gain search engine trust.

There is a concrete example at how Google treated nofollow links just right at the opening of this year's results in the PR of sites. Google Slap was implemented on sites that used or use TLA or link buying including those high PR link directories that were found to sell links. They all suffered because of link buying. This prompted Google to favor "nofollow" links to avoid bare selling of links from a high PR site as passively share link juice and page importance to other pages which it links to. To avoid this, Google used the nofollow link relation.

This is the same with the Busby SEO Challenge link building arena where many of the contestants and contenders would rely solely in getting links from blog comment in which in one of my previous experiment is still found to be a reliable source of power in terms of helping a page rank high in a very competitive keyword. A friend who is also in the Busby SEO Challenge arena is looking to get a few link love so I gave some of them the link love that their respective entries needed to help push their entries further up.