Friday, December 14, 2007

Marhgil Macuha Launches a Mini SEO Contest

Problogger Marhgil Macuha and His Mini SEO Contest

Marhgil Macuha, the average half time night shift problogger and daytime telecoms employee launches a mini SEO contest that has something to do with his own name as the target keyword for $ 150 total. $100.00 for being on top in Google SERPs and $50.00 for being on top of Yahoo SERPs.

A Good Profile Management and Viral Marketing Technique for Marhgil Macuha

This could be one of the best profile management and viral marketing techniques that the SEOPh forum moderator Marhgil Macuha has launched this month. The mini SEO contest is in recall of the near anniversary of the website of Marhgil Macuha himself which is I have heard of so many profile management techniques and viral marketing but so far this could be one of the best and the cheapest way to market yourself as a money making machine and as a problogger here in the Philippines and in the rest of the SEO community.

The Contest Mechanics

The contest Mechanics can be found at Marhgil Macuha's personal website which is Macuha.comin this blog address ( The blogging contest money that Marhgil Macuha will be giving away is from the earnings that he received from Widgetbucks advertising.

The Marhgil Macuha Keyword Ranking Contest Prize

The contest prize will be set at $100.00 for the Google top notchers and $50.00 for the Yahoo top notchers. While this is the case with respect to the contest, there are 3 major requirements to be able to join in the Marhgil Macuha keyword ranking contest. The first one is that you should have a blog to post the content about the leyword. the second requirement is that you should have a Paypal account where the money will be deposited to the said account. The third requirement is that you will have to make a link back to his blog.

A Fun Contest in the Philippines for Marhgil Macuha

Although this is just a few bucks in total, many have made their comments on the Marhgil Macuha blog to confirm joining the contest. They all want a piece of the fun that the mini SEO contest generated in the Philippine SEO community.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Love That Dirty Kitchen in Chicago

I saw today a dirty kitchen in Chicago, Illinois and I was really surprised at the internal and external look of the kitchen itself. It was somewhere in Chicago, Illinois and what I saw was a clear great manifestation of a dream kitchen that I am planning to get for my family and myself maybe two or three years from now. It contained a glass cabinet where you can actually see the different stuff and kitchen utensils that the whole of the kitchen is offering its visitors to take a look at.

This reminded of the home in Chicago, Illinois where a good friend of mine actually stayed for about 5 years. The kitchen was also very much like what I actually saw the other day in the internet and it also reminded me of the Chicago home insurance that he paid for his home maintenance for over 4 years until he decided to transfer to Washington D.C.

I said to myself that I was lucky that I didn't live in the United States because the home insurance there is really way too high for a desired maintenance of the house. Although of course everybody once in a while should have second thoughts about this home insurance matters.

Lucky him and lucky me because all that me and my friend could do that time was just to chat online and see what's happening in each of our places and we exchange ideas and opinions about our one true obsession which is both - a dream kitchen. so I decided to share this special experience to him and he obliged that it is indeed a very beautiful kitchen.