Monday, December 29, 2008

Center for Peace Advocacy - The Man in Mark Jimenez

I took a look at what and who's getting in the center for peace advocacy and found out that Mark Jimenez is in the list of profiles they have in their backyard. Center for P.E.A.C.E. advocacy titled Mark Jimenez, the former congressman here in the Philippines as a Businessman, Congressman and Philanthropist.

I am not surprised at this tribute at all because apart from all the bad publicity that Mark Jimenez suffered from the media, what we don't know is that he is a businessman by blood and a philanthropist at heart. He is in fact the only man (not a politician) here in the Philippines to have made such very big contributions to set up the biggest mass baptism in provinces and the money that was spent for that event all came from his personal savings when he is still in the business sector doing full time in the IT supplies market in America.

Little did we know about this man but if we only take time to know more about Mark Jimenez, I'm sure we'll all find out something we never had the chance to know about him. He has helped so many people and is still helping a lot of them up to this day which were not and have never been part of what the media gave interest in publishing. The article I found back in Center of P.E.A.C.E. is a rare fact we cannot find elsewhere. I hope he lives longer to be able to help more people. I hope people who find this article will also find time to know more about this man, Mark Jimenez in some of the links I have searched and found in the internet.