Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cebu SEO Contest

This is about the Cebu SEO Contest, a local SEO contest launched in the Philippines and is open to all qualified and bonafide residents of either Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. This SEO contest has almost no rule existent in the guideline for winning the contest and has only a few requirements in order to join.

There is no specifics at all which means that even black hat technique is allowed. But since this is just a small SEO contest and only a few were able to join, I guess there really is no need to use one. All the participants want is to learn a few good experience on the contest and have them introduced to the SEO community. Most who joined the Cebu SEO Contest are bloggers and not really SEOs and this made the contest even more fun and challenging.

Some of the contestants thought for a while that SEO is just all about blogging and a few link building effort. Well, at least they have a short view of what it is going to be when they become SEOs themselves. Good luck to all those who want to be a truly qualified SEO in the Philippines by winning the Cebu SEO Contest.