Thursday, June 05, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge Arena

The "Busby SEO Challenge" is what many SEOs are eyeing to take challenge in to. Busby is part responsible for this SEO challenge and it is second to one of the largest launched this year but firs to only allow white hat techniques.

I hope the "Busby SEO Challenge" will bring out who really is the best in white hat technique SEO because it is what everybody is looking into. The winner here will surely produce the best SEO there is in white hat techniques.

"Busby SEO Challenge"

So here goes for the "Busby SEO Challenge" race and it is pretty obvious that we are on to something here. The keyword with Busby is not it but instead it's what SEOs can find in this challenge. so we would like to use everything there is that we have to get to the top and so far, there are about 3 of us for now but we will soon increase our numbers as we take the pushovers for this Busby SEO Challenge.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Paid Surveys Online Links

If you haven't tried anything else about paid surveys online, you have to at least try this one out for size and see if this works. There are a few buzz about the service and make money by freelancing earning schemes. This is something different as a work from home scheme and I haven't personally tried it myself so I would suggest that you try and see first. Below are just a few links that I have archived for the Paid Surveys Online website.

Paid Surveys Links:

I hope to post more links here as I am still in the process of taking a peek at some other listings I have for the submission I am making.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Choosing the Best and Cheap or Free Web Hosting

It is really more of an experience about web hosting today. While looking for some of the best web hosting companies out there, I found out that most of them are also advertising with other affiliate sites that offers earning by advertising for publishers. This is something nice but I think there must be something there for the catch. There seems to be a pitch because while searching for this affiliate site offering web hosting service, I found out that most of the big web hosting companies are there.

Now I need not to mention all of them but what I can say is that the big ones are all there to advertise for publishers to earn money from. What am I pointing to? Well, it really is up to you. If in case you are someone who is looking not for free web hosting but instead of something else more important, that is paid but cheap web hosting, then you might be one of those that this post is looking for. Can you imagine that there are some of those big web hosting companies that advertise there paying as much as $140.00 for a business web hosting service....

Think about it, this 140.00 is a per sale basis and this must be one of the highest earning ads in there that I have seen aside from mortgages and loans. Well, come to think of it, if the business who is going to register for web hosting service under a business category, then there must be at least $140.00 less in tha payment of the plan...Think, think, think.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My PC Lost it's Speed Because My Memory Needs Upgrade

GB Memory Upgrade

I took my PC today to the service center where I bought the same unit I have at home. I believed that this will take me less time to have it repaired because I need it by night which is my time of work at home. I was surprised today to find out that the service men told me I will need to upgrade my PC to a higher memory specs, possibly at least a 2gb memory upgrade because I only had a 1 gb memory in the memory slot and a spare one more slot open for such upgrade.

8GB Memory Upgrade

The repair man told me that it needs something fresh to be able to gain back the speed and so I yielded to my PC's pledge. While looking at the brochure, I saw that there are other available gigantic upgrades out there that the office might be interested in acquiring for the PC we have. It was the 8gb memory upgrades that we probably need so I asked the authorized information personnel about it and he said yes upon telling him of the PC specifications at the office.

4GB Memory Upgrade

I also told him that my son who bought his PC a few months ago for his studies will probably need to give more power to his PC. The authorized information personnel told me to buy the 4GB Memory Upgrade as it would suffice the household needs of my son's PC. I'm content with what he suggested because probably by next year we will be buying a new one to replace the old PC but while it is still working, we are going to have it power up to this upgrade so my son wouldn't have a hard time with the speed need of his PC.

What Really is the Point of Twitter

Twitter has been one of the most popular social sites of today that is being visited literally by thousands each day. I'd like to ask this simple question, what's the point with using Twitter? Is there really anything good at it. so what if you do this and he does that? Would this be enough for anyone to follow leads to.

Personally, I don't see anything else good in that but the truth is, people keep on coming and they keep on coming by bulk and use the service. Is there really nothing much for the internet savvy that there is nothing they can resist about Twitter at all? It's all up to you. Whether you get it or not, I bet you'll still follow me on Twitter just like what the other did even if I posted some nonsense there.

Wholesale T-Shirt Printing Business

Wholesale T-Shirt Printing can be a messy jobs if it isn't the right people that will do it. On the other hand, t-shirt printing can also be a great way to advertise for a cheap cost for small business. Some small business owners regularly distribute printed t-shirts to their employees or sometimes to regular business customers as a form of rewarding their loyalty to their business. This is what small business sometimes rely on for their advertising while giving way to awarding their customers so it serves as a double purpose.

In the retail industry however, Buying Printed Tshirts Wholesale priced is one of the little but rewarding small businesses that I have seen grow. Profits may rise high when you have the right market to distribute your goods, in this case, printed t-shirts. It gives you the advantage for having everything else colorful and attractive when these t-shirts are printed and even if there are only a few services being offered today for printing t-shirts it can be rewarding too if you hire the right people with the right job.

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