Sunday, June 01, 2008

My PC Lost it's Speed Because My Memory Needs Upgrade

GB Memory Upgrade

I took my PC today to the service center where I bought the same unit I have at home. I believed that this will take me less time to have it repaired because I need it by night which is my time of work at home. I was surprised today to find out that the service men told me I will need to upgrade my PC to a higher memory specs, possibly at least a 2gb memory upgrade because I only had a 1 gb memory in the memory slot and a spare one more slot open for such upgrade.

8GB Memory Upgrade

The repair man told me that it needs something fresh to be able to gain back the speed and so I yielded to my PC's pledge. While looking at the brochure, I saw that there are other available gigantic upgrades out there that the office might be interested in acquiring for the PC we have. It was the 8gb memory upgrades that we probably need so I asked the authorized information personnel about it and he said yes upon telling him of the PC specifications at the office.

4GB Memory Upgrade

I also told him that my son who bought his PC a few months ago for his studies will probably need to give more power to his PC. The authorized information personnel told me to buy the 4GB Memory Upgrade as it would suffice the household needs of my son's PC. I'm content with what he suggested because probably by next year we will be buying a new one to replace the old PC but while it is still working, we are going to have it power up to this upgrade so my son wouldn't have a hard time with the speed need of his PC.

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