Monday, June 02, 2008

Choosing the Best and Cheap or Free Web Hosting

It is really more of an experience about web hosting today. While looking for some of the best web hosting companies out there, I found out that most of them are also advertising with other affiliate sites that offers earning by advertising for publishers. This is something nice but I think there must be something there for the catch. There seems to be a pitch because while searching for this affiliate site offering web hosting service, I found out that most of the big web hosting companies are there.

Now I need not to mention all of them but what I can say is that the big ones are all there to advertise for publishers to earn money from. What am I pointing to? Well, it really is up to you. If in case you are someone who is looking not for free web hosting but instead of something else more important, that is paid but cheap web hosting, then you might be one of those that this post is looking for. Can you imagine that there are some of those big web hosting companies that advertise there paying as much as $140.00 for a business web hosting service....

Think about it, this 140.00 is a per sale basis and this must be one of the highest earning ads in there that I have seen aside from mortgages and loans. Well, come to think of it, if the business who is going to register for web hosting service under a business category, then there must be at least $140.00 less in tha payment of the plan...Think, think, think.

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