Friday, April 20, 2007

Google Generated Sitemaps for $5.00

I recently learned that Google is charging for their sitemap generated content at $5.00 per data. The data to be downloaded is to be paid via paypal and i just got interested at posting this new knowledge that i learned while i was playing around with the sitemap generation tool that i got interested lately to help me out on my SEO-related travels in the web. I will be using this data because i saw that there are 2 broken links reported therein and i do not have any knowledge also about those broken links and i also do not know anything about broken links and how they may affect our online business, specially our websites.

I believe that i should know all bout this because i have to learn how to use the tool and at the same time see and learn all the possible benefits that i could use for my growing number of websites today. Actually although they were all just blogs hosted under blogger and wordpress and myspace, i believe as a webmaster of this century that i need to learn all the necessary tools to use in SEO and in my continued learning in the field.

Since i do not know yet anything about sitemaps and how they cn be used to the advantage of any webmaster, i decided to take a look at the offers of Google through the webmaster account that i jsut recently got to sign up. I also learned that there are lots of things that i can learn out of having a webmaster's account at Google since i will need them also on my new AdSense account which i also had recently signed up with.

The point of this post is to simply let others know that my curiosity led to discovering that as a webmaster we could use the sitemap generated data to be able to understand what it is that is happening in our own websites through the details that we could possibly get out of the sitemap.