Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sikat Ang Pinoy blogging race

The "Sikat Ang Pinoy" blogging race will end today and I know that there is still a little bit of time to do something about a friend's entry to this race. It's a painstakingly hard earned contest for many of the participants and I know that they all learned a thing or two from it. I just hope that this is enough for many to develop a new attitude and a new horizon in link building as well a blogging.

There is more to the sikat and pinoy seo blogging contest than just being a contest. This helps many local pinoy SEOs take time to study how the effects of different strategies of link building will take effect in an entry. This is also the time to bond with each other and take turns at learning what works and what doesn't. Congratulations in advance to those who will make it to the top 3 spots and to the others, I hope next time, you persevere more to become the champion not just in a contest but also in your own field of expertise as link builders ad SEOs in the Philippines.