Thursday, February 22, 2007

MSN Sandboxed Site

For three to four days now i have been searching for answers from forums and other webmaster friends if it's possible that MSN also had sandboxed site. First i would like to clear out the cobwebs in my mind because i have only heard about the sandboxed sites in Google but this time, it's a site of a good friend of mine.

I have heard twice now that MSN also does this in the forums that i visited the other night. Some were also complaining about the alleged sanboxed sites that they own. To think that they also have just experienced this just the other month, i could assume that MSN has this new basis foir sandboxing site/s but what could it be for? That of course is the question.

Sooner or later, one of us would also take the same path as what fate my friends site suffered. I am hoping that it won;t happen to my sites. Because they were only blogspot sites, i have been giving it a boost for my link building services which i do in my extra time.

If Google does this and so does MSN, will Yahoo be next. I've never heard that Yahoo ever sandboxed any kind of site to this day and i hope this is not the start of a new era of difficult link building practices for many SEO like me in the link building business.

See you guys at the Metro Phi Resto Bar tonight at 7:00 PM for the SEO contest awards night.

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