Sunday, January 28, 2007

SEO Thoughts of PR and Gratitude for 2006

Just the other day i had this tini wini thought that all my blogs have PR and right now i have 6 blogs up and running in the midst of my busy link building world. Come to think of it, i just had that thought a few days ago and look what, after i received a PR 1 on my oldest blog, which was due to Google's update, it seemed odd receiving a late PR update because i have never heard that Google did updates twice or maybe its just that the updates took a longer time to take effect on my three other blogs or maybe it's because i perceived it almost everyday while i was in front of my desktop that all my 6 blogs have their own corresponding PRs. Now, 4 of them has PRs 1, 1, 2, 2 respectively.

One of those blogs have already attained a PR 2 when in fact it only has 2 posts in it. Surprised at what i have achieved, i took a short time reviewing my 2 posts and it turned out that it's because i had been working on my posts very well because they (the 2 posts) all ranked at #1 in Google, MSN and Yahoo respectively with a target keyword that i guess no one optimized to be as easy to rank on. Job well done for me this time of the opening of the year of the pig. It is also my vision that this year will be my destiny when it comes to my internet life, meaning, i will make it bigger in this field that my brother introduced me in just last May 2006.

This is one of the days that i am greatful with myself because i have learned lately that whatever i would keep my mind focused on i will achieve with great ease and happiness later and i bet this is the time for it.

  1. I bought my dream family size tent and have used it with my daughter and wife when we went to the La Mesa Eco Park which we love as a resting outlet here in Manila after a hectic weekend.
  2. I got loads of the job that i am ailing to get since i started the link-building practices that my brother has taught me. It even gave me the salary that i was never even expecting to be higher than my regular job compared.
  3. I have been able to buy things, stuff, and food that i have promised my family to get the same year.
  4. I bought my own pc table with my own salary from the same computer that i was using to generate the income from which i used to buy it. Funny but i have only visualized before having my own pc table from which i have seen a few days back from the office and uttered that i will have one on the same week and presto, i got it!
  5. I was able to pay for the bills without even thinking that i would run out of cash paying them including my expenses on dsl connection from which i use in doing link building jobs outsourced to me by my brother.
  6. I was able to pay my loans and was even surprised that one of them i even had an excess amounting to at least 3 thousand the day i checked it out with my balances which i haven't claimed up to this day.
  7. I bought another pc i had always imagined seeing me and my wife doing the job together with the help of my parents who never ceased to support us before the year ended. This means four hands at a time working harmoniously on the same job(my wife and me)
  8. i have visualized that we will have a salary increase this year and look what, i had a salary increase that's even higher than all my colleagues got in the technical business in our branch.
  9. Just as i have thought, last branch inspection dated November 8, we have the best critics from the other competing branches in the Philippines and we were tagged again (breaking the records) as the cleanest and no machine down in the area. "We're truly the best and the elite".
  10. I have always focused on breaking the records of being able to repair all troubles of machines i am handling right now before the end of the year and i achieved it with the help of my technical team.
  11. Machines from the previous technical administration ( my supervisor) that never reached a condition of getting higher sales i have achieved to provide bigger profits to the amusement i work with last year based on data again on the latest inter branch head meeting held at the main office.
  12. I even remember last December saying once to my best buddy in the technical department of my current regular work that the central bank will run out of money but i will not and look what happened, i never ran out of money in my ATM card up to this date, cash keeps coming before i even get them all banished from my account.
  13. I am thankful also that last year before i saw myself leaving the house to go later to our christmas party, i promised to my wife and said these exact words "i will take home the largest cash prize on the night" and said the same exact words to my best buddy before we left our job and while in the party itself. I was never even surprised instead boasted to him when my name got called to receive the grandest cash of the night which was 3k along with other 20 or so.
  14. I learned and got to play with my adsense codes and was able to generate ads on my own that is optimized for maximum ROI.
Truly, the power of the mind is the farthest most superior power in the universe and i am thankful that i was able to utilize that best part of me before the year ended and i am starting and continuing to enjoy it up to this very same day and perceive that i will receive more
extended blessings this year.

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