Monday, June 16, 2008

Creating a Busby SEO Challenge Log

Today I tried to create a Web Design Toys Log using Google pages and I like the format that I chose to create the page. It has been very interesting for me to learn that a few things can be done to get things going and I want to see the next day if this will give a little jerk to the entry that we originally have for the SEO Worldcup challenge.

I can see so much with this page that I created and I am sure that many SEOs out there can learn a lot from this one that I made. It can also be that some of them do not yet know the power of this page when it comes to impressing the search engines, especially the big "G". I bet you guys out there that in a few days, you will all see how this will end up in the first page. I will try to put more links to it so this can be a very fast indexing and to help it arrive at it's original target which is the top of the page in the SERPs.

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