Saturday, February 02, 2008

Manual Directory Submission Service Package # 3

Package # 3 - 1500 d/site for $ 65.00 with 1 "Free" PR 3 Blog Review

So here's our manual directory submission package #3 that earned us a great advantage for many of our clients looking for a bigger exposure to the search directories that we have on our list. By the way, what we have here are plain free submission directories list that we patiently pooled out from our everyday hunting of free submission directories from forums and blogs and friends in the SEO community and other sources like Directory Critic and more.

TAKE SPECIAL NOTE THAT: All our directories have unique IPs and therefore will really be a great help for your campaign and exposure and in the long run, a journey to the top rankings of the niches and keywords that you are targeting.

SPECIAL NOTE: We offer no limit to number of keywords that you would like us to include on the list.

REMEMBER THAT: All we need is your URL, title, description, keywords, and a valid e-mail address with which we are to address the submission to for your confirmation.

For those who prefer not to give their e-mail, then please say so in an earlier manner because once the submission starts. there's no going back and all submissions done will be counted as is. Don't worry, we will be the one to confirm for your submission just in case that you do not want to be bothered by confirming all the submissions that we are going to do for you.

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