Saturday, February 02, 2008

Manual Directory Submission Service Package # 2

Package #2 - 1000 d/site for $ 40.00 with 1 "Free" PR 3 Blog Review

Manual Directory Submission Service Package number 2 is actually a little bit cheaper than Package number 1 by $ 10.00. So all in all this package is one of the most interesting and most sought after in our manual directory submission service here at Dsub 800. As you can see, we started from a mere 800 free link directory list and it grew in time up to 2000 and more. This is because we are constantly updating our list.

Currently, we have been doing submission for different countries like Canada, Germany, Australia, U.S. and some from within the Philippines major offshoring companies in industries like telemarketing, call center and BPO. We also did manual directory submission jobs for a big microscope manufacturing company in China distributing from the Philippines.

The Blog Review as Part of the Package

The blog review as part of the manual directory submission service package is actually just a freebie that ads up spice to our list of packages to come. We will be doing more tweaks in our packages because this is what we are known for here at Dsub 800. If you choose not to avail of the freebie, please feel free to tell us first hand so that all will be well. This is just a part of the package because we believe and know that not all clients have websites that are already existing for months or even years. This plans to give a little boost to your websites just in case you decide to order for our services.

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