Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Manual Directory Submission Service Package # 1

Manual Directory Submission Service Gets Bloated

Since the opening of 2008 I have been receiving more than double the 2007 manual directory submission service jobs than I did last 2007. You can really find a lot of buzz about packages regarding manual directory submission packages in webmaster forums and sure there are a few legitimate ones as other have their prices gone up since the TLA issue and the penalties imposed by Google to people and webmasters who resort to sell and buy links these days. This specific occurrence in the web helped trigger the manual directory submission service industry to get bloated on the service requests because webmasters are looking for the different manual directory submission service packages. A way for them to get the best offer is to visit webmaster forums and seek for different offers from packages to regular service to special manual directory submission service.

Cheap and Quality Directory Submission Costs

Dsub 800 would like to tap in those who are looking for cheap costs and quality service to get their websites submitted to link directories for a lower or a slightly lower cost than the usual. This made us decide to get different variations and pricing to our manual directory submission service packages. In week or two we will also be launching a more comprehensive manual directory submission list of packages as we are still in the process of formulating what is the most effective campaign to launch.

Package # 1 - 500 d/site for $ 25.00 with 1 "free" PR2 or PR 3 Blog Review

This package #1 falls under a general link directory submission which is totally done on a 500 link directory submission for only $ 25.00 plus it comes up with a free blog review from a PR 2 or PR 3 blog with a 300 - 500 word article. The free blog review aims to help newly created websites to get a little boost to search engine indexing as this is a proven way to get the attention and trust of search engines. While those who are already indexed will have a great time with the search engines with an optimized blog review from a PR 2 or PR 3 top ranking blog in SEO Outsourcing or manual directory submission industry.

This is what Dsub 800 is all about, packages and offers and freebies and good service equipped with trust and all in all 7 years of stability of serving clients all over the world in the manual directory submission industry.

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