Monday, January 07, 2008

Manual Directory Submission - Half the Heart of SEO

Traffic and Rankings via Directory Submission

Manual directory submission is half the heart of SEO because it simply gives the advantage to he who resorts to use such method to gain search engine rankings and advantage over his competition. If link building is a way to get to the top of the SERPs in SEO, then manual directory submission is the best way to be there. More than just giving life to your content, manual directory submission gives you the edge and the might to stay in the SERPS without getting rattled by search engine algorithms especially in Google's index. With the use of this method to gain trust from search engines, you already have half of what you need in order to gain increase in traffic.

Another way to attain higher rankings in the SERPs, you should also learn to maneuver for the search engine preferences when we are talking about content optimization. Content is the other half of the heart of SEO and so this particular method when integrated with proper timing and method of implementation, will give not just the edge but the crown to the top of the search results index. It will give the authority to lead the results and the right to stay there for a long time. Of course even if this is already the case for you, it would mean that a continuous process should be implemented in order to maintain the position that you got from content optimization and manual directory submission.

Professional Approach on Directory Submission Service

This is the reason why Dsub 800 strongly believes by making our service become a professional approach in order to accomplish the SEO game plan properly we will also gain more clients and outsourced manual directory submission jobs from prospect clients. This differentiates us from the traditional services you can find out there with regards to directory submission service. A few reviews and links from other sites will do but since you already have the properly optimized content and the strength of manual directory submission, then chances are, you are going to have a good time staying on top of the search engine results pages with your target keywords. Eventually, this will lead to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Our Directory Submission Package

It is our utmost concern to make sure that new websites from clients will have an edge by taking our service as we are including a free blog review from a PR 3 or PR 2 blog which is part of the manual directory submission service package to help clients realize that we are not only after the job but also for the prestige that it will bring to us as the prime source for the said service. We are looking forward to see to it that our clients are well taken cared of not just through the service but also through their aim which is to gain the search engine attention. Therefore we are including a powerful 300 - 500 word article that will give our clients the edge over their competition. From the past where clients liked and benefited from this directory submission package, they come to us for more for their other concerns like a blog review and this has given us the unique service package and the advantage over our competition.

Dsub 800 Offers Unique Directory Submission Service

This is a first in the directory submission service industry and this will surely be an effective way for us to get more clients while they on the other hand will only find this kind of service from us and nowhere else. All other services who will attempt to copy our trade mark will be on our tails.

Manual directory submission service package by Dsub 800 is a first and an original and no other service will give this concern to their clients in terms of trust and reliability other than us. For your manual directory submission services, hire Dsub 800. WE can only offer superior, quality and client-based manual directory submission service packaged with a strong blog review service in one.

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