Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yahoo Mail Catches it's Own in the Spam Folder

It's funny how today I took notice of a legit Yahoo Mail to be caught in the spam folder that I have in the sidebar of the platform. This is the first time that I noticed this although I believe that this is not the first time. See my screenshot below. You can see the violet colored "Y" logo on the authentic mail that came from Yahoo. Click the Image to see enlarged detail.

This post interests me because earlier today, I had another post glamorizing the new Yahoo Spam Guard as a functional tab in my mail. This also sounds funny but although I know that there have been so many times that this happened, I only took notice of it today while my adrenalin is still up upon finding a few days back that the Spam Guard was fully functional and I will no longer have a hard time sorting out my mail on who's or what goes to the spam folder and get deleted and who's or what doesn't.

Another odd thing today to happen in my e-mail today is finding many of those SEO (somehow) related mails on the trackbacks to an entry in the Busby SEO Challenge Worldcup.

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