Saturday, June 28, 2008

Download the Amazing Firefox 3

A few weeks now, Firefox 3 has been made available all over the world and the webmasters who saw its power can't seem to help but be amazed at how the red fox which is actually a red panda came to the newest update of its browser.

I remember way back when the first Firefox was released and my brother told me to use it. It took me some time to be convinced that it is indeed the number 1 browser but I am well concerned about the security that it offers compared to the IE that I used to have and now here I am, one of the best browser's fan using it over the years. It came to me that this is indeed one of the best happenings in history.

Here is a good place to download Firefox 3 in all available languages. Just make a quick pick of the language that you would want it installed in your PC for easier understanding and manueverability.

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