Saturday, September 20, 2008

Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb

You must really be thinking that this is just another of those tricks out there bound for nothing but spam because of the weird word in the latter part of the title which is "srednarb". It is actually just the reverse read of branders, a popular promotional items corporate gifts provider in the web today.

The keyphrase srednarb is actually not just the reverse read of branders but it is also part of a new SEO contest launched for Filipinos using a static site to be able to make an entry for the said contest dubbed as "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO contest. The pot money to be won overall is Php 275,000.00 but of course it was divided into multiple prizes to be able to make the contest even more interesting to join and learn.

I personally believe that since this is the first time that a static site is required to be used in a SEO contest, it will also help make the said contest an interesting and a new learning experience for SEOs here in the Philippines. There really is a very big different between the previous SEO contests from this one and I bet that this is going to be something very interesting as well as I believe that it will teach SEOs to optimize well for a static site.

Let's just see who's going to draw first blood among the new static site that will be released anytime soon in the results. So far, it is only my blogs that can be found in the first 10 results in Google and I haven't even checked in MSN and Yahoo. Let the Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb contest begin!!!

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