Friday, June 07, 2013

Father's Day Again 2013

The last post I wrote on this blog is all about how proud I am as a father to Janne on father's day. Today, Janne is already 18 and she's grown so mature just like me and her mom, Ana. We've never been so very lucky in our lives perhaps and all of that is because we have her. She is our only child and that's why she's our most priced precious possession. To have her give us the comfort of thinking we are secure in our future with her beside us just makes me cry still at times but today, it's been 1 year since and still can't forget about what she did back in 2012.

I just can't help but remember the good old days when Janne was still so little and fragile and now she in already in her 3rd year as a half scholar in UST with outstanding school performance being the consistent top 1 dean's lister in her course IS.

This month, the world is celebrating father's day again and I'm pretty sure she's going to be busy with studies but I know in her heart she'll find good things to come each day and part of that is us being her parents, me and my sweetie, Ana. We make her proud and she does the same to us both. Her mom just can't get enough of all the honors she's given us behind that pretty face. I love you anak and you just have to be yourself to go a long long way. I can wish no more for you today on father's day 2013.

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